Steyr M9 jamming in competition

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    I'm new to IPDA, but a long time shooter. My first contact with the local IDPA club resulted in

    "As for the Styre? Get a Glock, SIG or an XD. The gun you have has been prone to malfuction in competition. I can provide e-mail addresses if you need further proof."

    I've been around long enough to know gun owners and their loyalties result in "Chevy vs Ford" innane arguements. But being a brand new Steyr owner I'm curious so I thought I'd open this to discussion.

    My personal weapon is a M9. I've only put about 200 rounds through with 4 different factory loads. Only thing i see is occassional wierd tracterory of brass, which from Steyrclub i learned is normal. Also occassionally the slide wouldnt lock back. But nothing strange for such a young gun. It is accurate as anything I've shot, maybe more. I find the trapezoidal sights perfect intuitive for me. I never liked the Glock's sights.

    Anyone care to share there competition experiences? Or why the prejudice of the Steyr locally?

    Thanks, this club has been quite helpful so far.

  2. I've put 1500 rounds through my M9-A1 and only had 2 FTEs. One was directly attributed to a flaw in the brass case. I have doubts to the reliability of my Steyr.

    In fact, I just bought my wife a M40-A1 for her birthday this Sunday. She loves the way it feels in her hand.


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    I have about 1,000 rounds thru my M9 with no problems and now CCW it in place of the Glocks I carried for over 7 years. Some pistols appear to have a failure to eject problem, evidently due to a weak spring as you can see in some of the FTE threads. I don't know if it is more per capita than other brands, but mine has been fine and its a great gun.
    Act based on your own experience with your own gun.
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    while it could be due to weak spring it could also be due to other springs being too strong ie mainspring. one reason why long breakin is sometimes required.
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    Put 500-800 total down the tube, and a lot of dry fire to help accelerate the break-in process. Then make your own decision how much you trust it, or send it in if it is still problematic after that.

    These guns definitely wear in not out. The difference between the trigger and overall smoothness of my s9 w/ ~5-6k rounds thru it and my M9A1 w/ 700 rounds through it is pronounced.

    I do definitely believe though that overall tightness of the M/S series does make it absolutely the most prone to limp wristing of any pistol I've ever run across, or tried out. This means that in IDPA you have to keep a very firm grip when you are firing in wierd positions and angles (esp. really low ports) where you might not be able to properly lock your wrists).

    As for me my primary IDPA gun is my S9 and I trust it, once my A1 holster gets here then myM9A1 will take over (except fot the times I get a wild hair up somewhere and break out the wifes wheelgun if she isn't going to the match w/ me).

    read the article by IDPASteyr in the articles and tutorials section.

    Also I will note that in the almost two years I've been shooting IDPA I've seen at least as many glocks have issues as I have 1911's (which together represent about 80% of IDPA shooters). No machine is perfect, but I am proud of my Steyrs track record in matches.

    The reduced muzzle flip, supperior ergonomics, and fast sights were all designed by a cop to be a cops duty weapon, which is what IDPA was designed to be shot with (it is a Stock Service Pistol after all).

    For a pure game gun though I will admit I've never cleaned a plate rack or texas star as fast as I did w/ a borrowed g34 after the match was over once. Of course it belonged to a gun store employee and glock armourer and had extensive trigger work, TEENY TINY front fiber optic bead, and an aftermarket barrell. Even the XD9 tactical I shot after a match another time had great trigger (course it is SA not DAO) and super accuracy, but the muzzle flip killed it for me. I do know one IDPA master calss shooter on this board who carries and loves his S9, but uses a g34 in most matches for competition's sake.

    Also I will leave you w/ this; the first time I was on Massad Ayoob's squad as I unholstered to "load and make ready" while he was SO'ing his first words were "EXCELLENT choice in weapon, I'm surprised I haven't seen a lot more of the Steyrs in IDPA. They seem very well suited to it."
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    Hiya D2* :)

    Thanx for your post. BTW, ya gotta copy o' them email addy's?

    I am very interested in chattin' up some IDPA Steyr shooters that have had problems in competition, especially the M9'ers. I rather suspect that there will be few M40's and even fewer M357 shooters on that list. Plz post the addy's here or PM 'em to me, if you'd rather. Thanx and hava great holiday season. :p

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    this thread can reduce breakin which leaves you with a gun that requires less rounds for breakin and potentially a gun that requires no breakin with ammo. steyr's require breakin the amount of people that buy one and proclaim them as junk and having issues is reason enough I know I had issues with my first M9 and M40 out of the box which have both been rock solid since putting 500 rounds through them then well over 5000 rounds afterwards without issue. I bought another set of M9 and M40 didnt shoot them any just kept working the slide and dry firing till the springs felt close to my other pistols.
    after many months decided to take my unfired M9 and M40 out they were flawless.
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    Thanks for the help. Before I bought the M9 I spent alot of time looking through the site for all the background information I could.

    I totally agree with the advantages of the M9 and problems can happen with any gun. After a lot of searching I chose the M9 over several others for the primary reason of fit. I grab the gun the same way every time. Other guns were not as intuitive.

    I guess what I was looking for was some other people's experiences with IDPA. Are most clubs centered around the same prejudice? I was more trying to share my intitial experience with IDPA as an unsolicited opinion of my equipment and see if others have had similar issues.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.
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    i've shot an m9 in numerous ipsc matches and a few idpa matches.

    the result? flawless functioning, just like the other 100% of the time.

    i've also shot an s40 at several range classes, with the round count being over 200. no problems.

    both of my steyrs are 100%. i trust them.

    hey, if it malfs in front of the bad guy, you might be able to run.

    if it malfs at the range, your bddies never let you forget.

    dry fire definitely helps with breakin. keep her clean and avoid umc.

    if anything sneezes, send it to steyr for what's amounting to the best customer sercvice in the biz.

    good choice on the m9, now go show those glock,sig,xd guys what's up!!