Steyr M9 / A1 Reliability (CCW)

Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by Guest, Aug 15, 2005.

Would you trust it for CCW ?

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  1. Guest

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    Hi, I'm a G19 user since I can remember. I test a Steyr M9 & I love it.

    Before buying my own, I have a big doubt. In the pool more than 70% of the people love it anda use for as CCW. BUT more than 20 NOT.

    RELIABILITY: this is my concern, 1. different types of ammo 2. cleaning and aso on.

    ¿Is it reliable? ¿Is it too sensitive to dust and not being so clean?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Deluxe247

    Deluxe247 Supporting Member

    It is more sensetive than a Glock to foreign debris and such but nothing out of the ordinary. Following the tutorials here and using common sense will keep things running smoothly.

    Most of the M an S pistols run fine on all types of high end personal defence ammo. The target(cheap) stuff is what causes problems, but WWB is probably the least problematic.

    Keep in mind that on public forums you will hear more about things going wrong and people looking for help than you will about all the weapons that are working as they should. Don't let the highlighted few skew your views of this fine handgun.

    Welcome to the club!


  3. steveinaz

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    Something to consider...

    I noticed something funny while surfing a number of gun forums last night. Glock, Ruger, Kahr, Sig, H&K all had a number of "bad" experience posts concerning each brand of gun. No matter what you look at, you're gonna find problems. From what I can tell, the Steyr M's are really doing pretty well when compared with others---the gun with the least complaints:


  4. Guest

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    I know, I know. 1st of all, thanks a lot for your answers. The point is that I'm a Glock user (fanatic?) since '95. I've NEVER registered a failure / feeding problem, with ANY ammo (target, self defense, sub sonic, +p+, any)
    No NOTHING for 20 years. Considering the use of a Steyr A1 for CCW, I mean, it's not a minor issue: RELIABILITY.
    I saw (surfing) many bad comments, knowing about this issue (a lot of bad experiences described) is that I've asked for 1st hand EXPERIENCES.

    Thanks a lot, I'll appreciate any detail you (all) could give me.

  5. steveinaz

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    FWIW, I've owned 3 Steyr M's. 2 M9's and 1 M40. The M40 is still too new (only 200rd so far) to tell, but my previous M9's never experienced any failures and probably had about 5500rds and 8500 rds each.

    As with anything, there are no guarantees. Try one, shoot the hell out of it with your carry ammo of choice and decide for yourself if it's CCW worthy.
  6. IDPASteyr

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    I carry my M9 or S9 as my CCW gun without reservation. I have absolute confidence in the gun and my ability to use it effectively. My M9 has been to Thunder Ranch twice, numerous other classes and has almost 100,000 rounds through it.
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    Ooooook, that 's thr info I were looking for

    Sincerely guys, you've just convinced me.
    The problem is that in my actual economical situation, I should sell my Beretta FS or a G22 I own to get the Steyr. I just wanted to be sure.

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  9. madecov

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    I carry my M and A1 daily.
    On duty and off.

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    I carry my M9. No problems in about 800 rounds (other than an occasional hit in the forehead by a spent casing)