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WOW, what a great gun.

Got mine a week ago, lubed it a bit since it seemed too dry out of the box and took it to the range. I use breakfree CLP where needed and very littly gunslick grease on the slide rails. Been doing that for years on hte glock with great results and reliability. I friend recently introduced me to brake cleander to degrease the gun during cleaning and i will do that before i go out next time.

Shot 200 rounds of Fiocchi FMJ without a single jam.
The gun is superaccurate and easy to shoot, very low recoil as compared to a glock 17. I just love the triangular sights. I placed the targets at 7 yards (6 inch target, 4 on a sheet) and i was able to very consistently place 10 rounds on each target EVERY TIME. Moved the target to 25 yards with the same results. With concentration i was able to hit the bullseye 2 out of 10 rounds (i guess i am not a great shot :) . The groupings where also consistent. I tried placing shots on each of the 4 targets at 7 yards in rapid succession and was amazed that i did on 3, the fourth one was just slightly off (if it where someone's head however, they would be in dire pain :).


* casings ejected overhead about 30 deg to the right, i was not hit by them at all as some have stated.
* the trigger is great and smooth as compared to a glock, that is probably why i hit the target better than with my glock
* the magazine slides in with a better feel than the glock's, and seems to "click" more positively
* don't know what it is but the gun just feels great in the hand :)
* the magazines are hard to load and no loader was provided. I tried using the glock's but did not work right. I guess i'll have to bring a gopher along to load the mags next time :)
* field stripping it is very easy and easier than a glock (the glock has a tiny slide catch that is hard to pull down)
* i had 10 shot mags, due to communist california law.
* taking the gun apart and comparing to a glock: the slide rails are beefier, the slide lock is beefier and i think a better design, tolerances are closer and are evident when looking at the slide alignment with the body.
* metal mags are much better than plastic. 10 year old glock mags are cracking and the part where the magazine meets the lock is showing wear. Now i don't shoot a lot and these mags just sit loaded for months at a time.
* the Steyr sights are awesome
* got a streamlight TLR1 light and it fits great.

In Burbank, CA at the 'Firing Line" they have a Steyr M9 -A1 for rent.

I just love this gun after today and i am considering selling my gen2 glock17. Just can't see reaching for it knowing the Steyr is there :) I must note however that the glock, although well taken care of, in the 12 years that i have had it has NEVER jammed on me (I shoot new Fiocchi ammo and Federal Hydrashock or Cor-Bon).


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Welcome to the group Harry, and keep the Glock.. 8) It's one of the truely revolutionary guns along with the 1911, and the Browning HiPower. And it's always good to have a back up.... Good shooting by the way........ :lol:

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Welcome to the club!
I'm originally from CA and fondled my "first handgun" about 15 years ago when I took it from a kid trying to hijack my car not far from Burbank on SF Road in SunValley. Little wanna-be cholo hopped into my car and put the pistol behind my right ear and told me to drive.
Things worked in my favor and I eventually took the gun from him.
Like those ragged holes in your targets, it's a small world... :)
All the best,

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DAIadvisor said:
So did you keep the gun, and what kind of gun was it?? 8-O
I was not a gun person at that time and kept it around awhile as proof to back up my story-telling. My friends were not gun people either so the event was quite fascinating to all especially the way I disarmed the kid and pointed this empty gun back at him as I ordered him out of my car. His mouth dropped wide open and he scrambled out of the car as I hopped back in and drove off in a cloud of dust. Generally I'm pretty level-headed initially when confronted with something new so I just bided my time and came out smelling like a rose. Soon as I was on the road again my knees went limp and the rush kicked in.

Having been hijacked like this left me hyper-aware of my surroundings and who was coming up on me for many months afterwards. It was quite a traumatic experience especially for one who was basically anti-gun at the time. I'm in NC now where my neighbor and brother introduced me to the joys and relaxation of shooting. I miss a few things about CA but I can't imagine going back and not have the freedom to shoot in my own back yard and carry for personal protection.

I believe the gun was a Raven 25cal made in Carson or maybe El Segundo Ca. Been so long ago that's about all I remember of the little pistol. Would be interesting to know the history of it in retrospect. It didn't have a magazine so I made a few feeble attempts to get one at local pawn shops and eventually traded it, no questions asked to a pawn shop for a camera or machinist's height gage.
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