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Steyr M40A1 Range Report

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Went to the range today with my new baby and boy was I impressed. I put 200 rounds of WWB 180 gr. down range. I was shooting about an inch to the left at 15 yards but had consistent groups in the one and a half to three inch range which is decent for me. No failure to ejects or failure to fires and the majority of the brass went up and over my head. No easy task since I'm 6'4". There was a bit more muzzle flip than I was expecting from all of the posts but nothing out of control. I'd say recoil wise it was only slightly less than the Colt 1911 I was shooting side by side during the day. Definetly a pleasure to shoot. I hope to take it out again next weekend and finish off the 500 rounds of WWB I bought to help break this beast in. After cleaning the gun after the 200 rounds I have not seen ANY of the brass flakes others reported. I hope this trend continues. Loving the pistol so far thanks guys for all the information available on the site.

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try shooting it next to a glock or even sig in .40 and you'll see tremendous diffrence. .45 doesn't have the sharpness to the muzzle flip being a lower pressure round.

glad you like it, it will grow on you even more after a few trips :)
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