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steyr m40-a1 vs. walther p99 qa in .40

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these are my two dream carry guns. I want to know, which one has the better track records/pro's and con's/everything! I've held the comfortable. I've held the older m40's..though comfortable, the backstrap felt a little odd. has this been changed?
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I have an M40 and P99QA in .40.

My P99 has yet to malfunction in several hundred rounds, while my M40 will still have a sporadic malfunction.

The P99 has more muzzle flip as already stated.

I think, for now, you'll have more accessories for a P99 than any Steyr, but who knows, that may change in the future when Steyr is better established in the US.

Both guns are equally accurate.

I like the grip of the P99 a bit more than that of the M40, but I prefer the M40's trigger over that of the P99.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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