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steyr m40-a1 vs. walther p99 qa in .40

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these are my two dream carry guns. I want to know, which one has the better track records/pro's and con's/everything! I've held the comfortable. I've held the older m40's..though comfortable, the backstrap felt a little odd. has this been changed?
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P99 vs M357A-1


Got one of each...P99 40 DA and M357A-1. I got shootin' buddies with Kimbers, HK's, Glocks and SIG's envious of how the less expensive European plastic pistols perform. Believe me, I'm not feelin' a bit overshadowed buy such impressive competitors. I am working with both the Walther and the Steyr tryin' to find the ultimate composite pistol and these two are definitely among the most advanced and significant of the new-breed spectrum. I still manage to shoot better groups with the P99, but I'm far more experienced with the 3-dot sights. The Springfield XD's, I am leaning towards the upper end of the performance envelope with the 5" bbl and the 357 SIG cartridge. I do tend to amaze myself at times with the 357 SIG Steyr M-A1...point...pull the it go away. The reloading of the SIG cartridge is a bit demanding when it comes to the proper bullet selection because it is so finicky with what it will and will not crimp well enough at appropriate max OAL's. Just because its an 0.3555 component bullet doesn't mean that it is an appropriate proponent for the 357 SIG cartridge. Oh well, I talk too much.... Hava great week.

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