steyr m40-a1 vs. walther p99 qa in .40

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    these are my two dream carry guns. I want to know, which one has the better track records/pro's and con's/everything! I've held the comfortable. I've held the older m40's..though comfortable, the backstrap felt a little odd. has this been changed?
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    I own an M40/M40A1 and P99 in the AS (double action trigger)
    The P99 has been around a bit longer than the M. The grip on the P99 has a very very slight edge over the M. The grip on the MA1 has been changed and is just about as nice as the P99.

    The P99 has a higher bore axis and is a lighter gun so muzzle flip is more pronounced.

    Steyr seems to have one of the best feeling triggers in a striker fired gun.

    While I have had no problems with either of my Steyr's others have . The P99 has an excellent reputation for reliability.

    If mounting a light to your weapon is important the P99 still doesn't accept "standard" accessories but Steyr will.

    P99 holsters will be a bit easier to find than Steyr.

    The Steyr should also sell for around $100.00 or so less than the P99 and magazines are less expensive.

    I also think that the Steyr is a more robust design

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    I have an M40 and P99QA in .40.

    My P99 has yet to malfunction in several hundred rounds, while my M40 will still have a sporadic malfunction.

    The P99 has more muzzle flip as already stated.

    I think, for now, you'll have more accessories for a P99 than any Steyr, but who knows, that may change in the future when Steyr is better established in the US.

    Both guns are equally accurate.

    I like the grip of the P99 a bit more than that of the M40, but I prefer the M40's trigger over that of the P99.
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    P99 vs M357A-1


    Got one of each...P99 40 DA and M357A-1. I got shootin' buddies with Kimbers, HK's, Glocks and SIG's envious of how the less expensive European plastic pistols perform. Believe me, I'm not feelin' a bit overshadowed buy such impressive competitors. I am working with both the Walther and the Steyr tryin' to find the ultimate composite pistol and these two are definitely among the most advanced and significant of the new-breed spectrum. I still manage to shoot better groups with the P99, but I'm far more experienced with the 3-dot sights. The Springfield XD's, I am leaning towards the upper end of the performance envelope with the 5" bbl and the 357 SIG cartridge. I do tend to amaze myself at times with the 357 SIG Steyr M-A1...point...pull the it go away. The reloading of the SIG cartridge is a bit demanding when it comes to the proper bullet selection because it is so finicky with what it will and will not crimp well enough at appropriate max OAL's. Just because its an 0.3555 component bullet doesn't mean that it is an appropriate proponent for the 357 SIG cartridge. Oh well, I talk too much.... Hava great week.

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    Walther has a fully supported chamber.
    Steyr has a fully supported chamber
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    so...from the sounds of it, they are pretty much neck and neck... Any other information from anyone?
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    Wow, Steyr owners do think alike. I'm thinking about picking up a P99 as well.
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    I have a P99c AS. Only problem I have had with it is with some really cheap ammo. Its a great firearm.

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    Wish I could. No digicam.
    The Steyr chamber does have better support. I guess the Walther chamber is more like 3/4 supported.

    S&W will be importing the AS trigger again. Currently for the P99 there are 2 other triggers. One is a true double action only (990 model) and the other is more Glock/Steyr like but I think it has a heavier trigger than a Glock. Possibly the heaviest of the striker fired handguns.

    My P99 is sitting in the safe. My Steyr's are my duty and off duty weapons.
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    The one QA p99 trigger I dry fired once at a store was HEAVY!

    I triple checked that it wasn't the DAO version w/ the wrong sales tag. Much heavier than the DA mode of one of the original AS models a friend used to have.


    If I found a good deal on a P99C AS someday it might follow me home (P99 and Steyr were also my two leading choices for my first handgun).

    I like Sigs and Walthers w/ DA/SA and 1911's in single stack SA. Not really a purist, just that what those platforms ARE to me.
  11. Hmmmm,

    The Walther is a nice pistol it has adjustable sights for both windage and elevation and ambidextrous magazine release both of which is nice. Of course, at the ranges I shoot to practice for self-defense corrections for windage and elevation isn't really necessary. However, I like the newer Walthers made post 2004 as they don't have the trigger gaurds with that little annoying hump along the bottom, the slide is a little improved in texture, and I think the newer ones should have the picatinny rail. However, finding a Walther available in the P99AS variant is going to be a challenge and expensive, unless you get real lucky.

    I've fired a Walther P99DAO and didn't like the trigger compared to my M-40. As mentioned the higher bore axis means more muzzle flip and the Steyr in my opinion just has less felt recoil. Two very good pistols and I wouldn't mind having a Walther P99C, but I've only seen them in online and then only in Quick Action. I know that Trigger weight on the P99C is something like 8.8 lbs (heavy).

    What I am not impressed by are the Safety Features on the P99 variants and I'm not sure how safe it would be to carry with a round in the chamber? I know my Steyr M-40 is very safe for CCW with a round in the chamber.
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    The new P99's don't have still don't have a "standard" accessorie rail. It requires an adapter.

    Any and all guns will be a compromise. features you like or don't.
    Overall the P99 especially the AS are pretty nice.

    I would imagine that after the summer the AS will be easy to get again as Walther USA is going to re import it.
  13. madecov

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    Yup, but that rail is still not exactly standard.
    Insight makes the M6 to fit the P99 and S&W TSW series.

    The P99c I think is standard.