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Steyr M357A1 (357 Sig)

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I hope this is in the right place. Does anyone own one ?(M357A1 357sig) Or has anyone shot one . I 'd like to get a range report, because I'm not to familiar with the 357 sig round. And would like to get some input. Thanks guys.
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I own a an M357 A-1, haven't shot it yet though (got it in january). I received two extra mags I ordered from Steyr today, so I will hopefully have a range report by the end of next month. I purchased my ammo Remington FMJ from BassPro $13.49 (after a 10% discount) for 50, Wally World has Winchester FMJ 50 for 13.47 (regular price) but they were sold out.

As far as ammo goes, the cheapest I've seen in person is $10 for 50 (.20 cents a round) at a gun show, from Georgia Arms (had not heard of them at the time). The cheapest I've seen on the net for bulk purchase was 18.3 cents a round, but I can't remember where I saw it.

Does anyone know the best mag loader to buy and an economical range bag that would hold the gun, four mags and four boxes of ammo?
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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