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Steyr M357A1 (357 Sig)

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I hope this is in the right place. Does anyone own one ?(M357A1 357sig) Or has anyone shot one . I 'd like to get a range report, because I'm not to familiar with the 357 sig round. And would like to get some input. Thanks guys.
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Snipe the M357 can be had by owning an M40 and purchasing an m357 barrell from IGB.. i belive the 357sig barrells are around 169.00 i considered getting one for my S and having it milled to fit the S frame. but after finding out how much the sig357 rounds were i decided against it.
others here may have more input than i do. Im not certain if the conversion barrell will work in the ma1.. but i dont see why it would not.. the inner workings of the gun are the same as far as im aware.
im not sure if they actually sell a branded 357 version of the ma1..
Max is it actually "stamped" a m357 ? or is it the newer one ?
kewl,, i think buying a barrell and adding it to the .40 would be the most cost effective way of doing it.. 2 calibers one frame.. when i can get sig357 for 5.00 per 50 rounds ill buy the barrell. Snipe????
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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