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Good summary of the virtues of the Steyr M design.

The Steyr design (along with CDNN's low price) finally enticed me to take a dip in the polymer pistol pool (up until now I've been a cocked 'n locked single-action-only kinda guy). I've been sufficiently pleased with my M9 that I wouldn't hesitate to drop $500 or so on an MA1 if I get the urge for another.

BTW, I believe the Browning PRO/FNH P design also has removeable steel sub-frames. I'm not sure if they have a single sub-frame (like the Steyr) or separate front and rear sub-frames, and I don't know how much of the internals are pinned to the sub-frames, but I do know the rails are supposedly replaceable. I've handled the Browning version and was impressed with the trigger pull (both DA and SA) and I liked the placement and function of the ambidextrous decocker. The grip shape was nice, too; I'd rank it about even with my CZ85.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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