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Steyr M series too large for edc?

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Title says it all, that's my question. I'm looking for a Steyr to conceal-carry and for some reason have always been researching the M series, but it's my understanding the S or C (is it?) are basically the same gun just smaller. Do any of you carry the M9? Should I go w/ a smaller version?



P.S. Any of you choose another gun over your steyr to carry concealed? If so, why?
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There is no compelling reason not to go with a M-A1. The right holster, belt, and holster position experimentation will allow you to conceal it (I'm 5'10" 150lbs. and carried one for years). That said, the S-A1 has a shorter grip and will print a little less and can accept M-A1 magazines (if you're into carrying spares). Over the long haul, you will probably wish you had a smaller gun - buying the S-A1 now might save you from changing to something like a Kahr or M&P Shield later. At least, that seems to be the evolution of carry for most people...

A lot of guys will disagree with me, but I think the C-A1 is absurd. It will print as bad as a M-A1 and slide length has virtually no impact on the carry experience. The only valid reasons I've seen cited in favor of the C-A1 is that it would weigh a little less than the M-A1 (but still more than the S-A1) and it would clear a holster faster than a M-A1 (probably an unmeasurable difference for 99% of shooters). For anyone who says they wanted the S-A1 but wanted the larger grip for their large hands (probably the most commonly cited reason for the C-A1 I've read) - I would say they should have just gotten the M-A1.
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I plan to carry the M40-A1 in the winter. With the right clothing, you can carry "nearly" any handgun. I also think the C Series is a strange design. Glock has it right with the very short grips on subcompacts. You have many options here such as curling the little finger under the grip, or adding accessories such as the GAP Floorplates (what a great & simple solution), and Glock, Pearce, or Scherer mag extensions. Cheers.
Personally, I question whether the amount of energy you lose from the extra .4 inches is significant in a real-world scenario.
Oh, I never really thought of it about energy. I was more thinking size and printing type stuff. So would you say the extra size isn't really that important?
My S9-A1 is probably my most ergonomic compact handgun. It carries well. Some lament that it only holds 10 rounds but I am fine with that. The smaller grip makes it much more "right" in my hand compared to my G19. I use my G19 as an example because they are close in size in length and height. The only difference is the G19 has a grip like a 2x4 to accommodate 15 rounds of ammo. The S9-A1 has a better grip but less capacity. I'll take the better grip everytime. It really depends on you. Alot of times people buy a duty sized gun and then go down to a compact or sub-compact. Not as many buy a compact or sub-compact and want to go up in size for daily CC.
I have no problem carrying a M40-A1, it is one of my favorites (in a N82Tactical el cheapo holster)it is comfortable, hidden and easy to draw. But I also carry a Glock 22 and a SA XD-S from time to time too. I just like guns, all different kinds so I buy and carry more than a few. I really like to carry my Sigs and CZs because I can carry them ready to go with the hammer down then just the first round is double action and in these guns DA is not bad at all, especially the CZ P-07.

I kinda think it mostly depends on what belt, holster and clothing you wear when it comes to what you can carry in comfort. One of my easiest and most comfortable to carry is a full size steel SA 1911-A1 in a Milt Sparks Summer Comfort 2, I just don't carry it much anymore because it has a thumb safety and none of my others have that.
I've been carrying an M gun for years in Florida with all kinds of shirts and no issues have arisen.
I've easily concealed and carried the S series. The M or M-A1 would take some planning, but could be done. It's not really larger than your typical 1911.
One thing I would also advise on thinking beforehand is the accessories. So do you want a light and/or laser on your gun for EDC and what sights do you want (dot sight, night sight,...)? Special sights might limit your choice of gun and a long light/laser under the barrel might drastically lessen the effects of going with a shorter barrel.
I have carried my M40-A1 for at least a year. Almost religiously, and many times with my cross breed iwb holster I forgot that it was there. It took at least a month for it seem like it wasn't there, but when you get in the car, you will notice.
Not too big at all. I easily carried a S40 for about a year. The M isn't that much bigger - about the size of a 1911, and people carry them every day.
YMMV, but I would say MUCH easier to carry than a 1911...
The m9 is almost identical in size to the Glock 19, which NO-ONE thinks is too big to carry. Shoot, I used to carry a Glock 35 everywhere I went, without issue, and I'm 5'9".
im looking for a iwb for my m40 so i can carry it more, i found a site but they offer for the a1..............cant get an answer from them if the m40 will work with an a1 holster

my other carry gun is a 4" kimber 1911, i would love a 3" 1911 for carry aswell
I carry an M9A1 IWB with a light in Florida in shorts and t-shirt. It's the G19 but better ergos. Just like Housertl said, how many people do you know who thinks the G19 is too big?
I carry mine in Texas. Falcon IWB holster, Usually wear a loose fitting summer-weight shirt either buttoned or unbuttoned. No worries here.
I would be curious to know if the CA-1 prints too much. Right now I have the Ruger SR40C carry it with 9+1 magazine and have 15 round as extra. I have no problem using the extended mag without the base extender. WEould be interested if the SA-1 has any minuses using the 17 round magazine?
I would be curious to know if the CA-1 prints too much. Right now I have the Ruger SR40C carry it with 9+1 magazine and have 15 round as extra. I have no problem using the extended mag without the base extender. WEould be interested if the SA-1 has any minuses using the 17 round magazine?
If you carry properly, a full size pistol will not print very much at all.

Well, unless you weight nothing.
I carried my Walther PPQ for a long time, and still do from time to time, without any problems. Like others have said, with the right clothing you can carry just about anything. To some degree my PPQ conceals better than my S40-A1.
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