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Steyr M series- fair price used?

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New to the forum. I discovered the Steyer pistols about a year ago, but never had a chance to handle one till recently. I have found an used M series in 9mm at my favorite gun shop. I rate it in 95% or better condition.
Handling it I LOVE the sights and the overall feel.
Unfortunatly, I think the gun store has this M9 confused with another or the MA1 or some other Steyer. They want $500 for it used. Haggling I managed to get it down to $400. I am gonna try to get it lower, and told the owner to look up and make sure of the value of this discontinued model, as recently I have seen them at closeout price of $269 or so NEW.
Any thoughts of you all of a fair price for this gun?
I shoot an CZ 75B in 9mm, and an H&K USPf .45. The H&K factory sights are great, but not so on the CZ, and won't be cheap or simple to change the CZ sights to something better. Also I find the rear of the CZ slide hard to grasp to rack back. May be because it is in Satin Nickle finish which is kinda slippery to begin with.
Glad to be here. Any thoughts on fair price for that Steyer M9 used?
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Yeah I'd say that is way high. You can get a new M9-A1 for a little over $400 if you look around online. Some people don't like them, but onpoint has them for like $404. I've never dealt with onpoint, so I can't comment. That sure seems like a deal to me though.
This will be more and more common IMHO.

People realize just how nice the Steyr is, and they will price it according to the price of comperable guns. (IE...HK, Sig, etc.)

I paid 500 for my M40-A1 before I knew anything about them, simply because of the feel, sights, and trigger pull. And knowing what I know now, I'd pay it again, the gun is worth the money to me.

I will go out on a limb, and I'll say within 10 years, probably a lot sooner, the Steyr M/S A1's, and any other subsequent models that come out, will be going for as much as an HK, or more. Hell, I personally think the M/S series is a better gun than any HK, but that's just me.

Once the after market companies start making products for the Steyr, the prices will rise. And if Steyr ever makes a .45ACP, look the f**k out, the prices will sky rocket.
the days of the closeout original M/S series for $300 are over.

$350-$380 used is not too bad, but once you get up to 4 bills or more you might want to consider a new MA1 unless you really prefer the original.
$400 seems pretty reasonable to me. If you buy one online somewhere you could find it cheaper then that, but then you would have to find a FFL that would transfer it to you and that can be a big hassle.
Thanks Guys for the common sense replies!

I forgot to mention that $500 they want is LESS their FFL transfer fee and sales tax. Got to deal with the owner on final price.

I feel the M9 is best buy for the money over all other guns.

Does anyone know how to get factory parts for this if needed? Where would I send the M9 in for service if needed?

Thanks again
Depends on what you get with the pistol.

For instance if I saw a good condition M-series with night sights and hi-capacity magazines I may pay as much as $420.00 for it. Although you'll find MA1-series pistols for around the $420.00 range (give or take a few bucks) you'll have to pay FFL transfer fees and sale tax. Whereas, if you were to buy an M-series with night sights at a gun shop for $420.00 plus tax you're getting out of there with more bang for your buck (if you'll pardon the pun).

However, if the M-series is just a bare bone M with one 10-round magazine, pistol box, and civilian key lock than I wouldn't pay more than $380.00 for it. If the guy seriously wants $500.00 or more for a bare bones M-series he must really like the way it looks in the case.
Went back for another look today

I returned to the store. There are no night sights. 3 mags come with it. factory case. Still no word about price...

I do see on the left side of the slide this stamped: M9

Are the newer production 9mm's stamped M9-A1 ? Better question is how may I be sure this gun is either an discontinued M9 or an newer M9A1 ?

Again thanks.

Ut Z
Re: Thanks Guys for the common sense replies!

UtahZack said:
I forgot to mention that $500 they want is LESS their FFL transfer fee and sales tax.
Umm yeah, fawk that noise. I love my M9 and feel it is worth every bit of $400. But, why pay any more than what you can get away with paying? If I were in your shoes, for a used M9 in excellent condition I'd get him down to $350 or look elsewhere. Maybe a little more if it came with a few full capacity 14rd mags or something else to sweeten the deal. I'm all in favor of suporting local gun shops as long as they're not flagrantly overpriced. Yes, the days of $300 new M9s are gone, but you can look on Gunbroker to get an idea of what these currently go for. Used M9s pop up frequently and usually sell right around $300, and if you don't want to buy a used pistol sight-unseen, there are new ones for $325-350 (any more than that and I'd get a new M9A1 instead). You'll see a few new M series listed at $450, but you'll notice they ain't moving at that price. :wink:

If your M9 ever needs major service, you can contact Steyr at their US headquarters and make arrangements to send it in. Minor issues can often be fixed yourself, following the tutorials on this site.

EDIT: (You posted again while I was typing my reply)
For a used M9 with standard sights and three mags, I'd shoot for $350. If I really wanted it "right now" maybe $375 tops but I'd have to be in a charitable mood. Easy way to tell the older M from the newer A1 is the A1 has the light rail, whereas the older M has those rectangular notches instead.
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Nope, most of the new MA1 series pistols use the older M-series slides that they didn't use up so they are still stamped that way. However, the MA1 has the addition of the new extractor plunger so its not the same exact slide.

The big difference and way to tell between the MA1 and the M is that the MA1 has the straight glock like accessory rail and a grip that says Mannlicher on it. Take a look over at the photo gallery and you'll see tons of pics of the MA1 and the M.

If it is $500.00 for the MA1 than you're looking at a guy who is selling the pistol at the old suggested retail price put out by Steyr. So, you may want to print off some offers from various online sources and see if he can't see the real world prices, which are more around the $420-$450 range.
Great Info!

Thanks you guys. I gonna go back tomorrow to the store and deal with the owner. I love the quote about they must love the way the gun looks in the case!
That's outrageous - take your dollar elsewhere. I paid something like $425 for my new A1 out the door.
Got to find new gunstore!

Went back to the gun shop with price off the net for $395.93 for the new M9A1.

That used Steyer is indeed an M9 older model (no rails).

They refused my offer of $400 OTD (including tax, etc).

Guess the gun gonna remain in their show case. Unless someone unknowledgeable buys it.

NO problem. I will just find a NEW M9A1 around $400.

Thanks for all your info!

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Of all the A1's I've handled only the 357 have not been marked A1. All of the 9mm and 40's have had new markings.

You should be able to get an A1 in the $425.00 or better price depending on source.
Re: Got to find new gunstore!

UtahZack said:
Guess the gun gonna remain in their show case. Unless someone unknowledgeable buys it.

NO problem. I will just find a NEW M9A1 around $400.!

Happens all the time. If they think they can get more for it let them, how many people really research and comparison shop?

The first time I picked up a steyr was a M40 used in the case. Loved the feel immediately (had heard of them as I was doing a LOT of reading for my first gun purchase). A little checking on the net brought me to the GT Steyr Club and then I was told of the magic of CDNN. My NIB M40 w/ two extra mags and the usuall accompniements was the same price (pre transfer and tax) as that one would have been w/ just the gun and one mag (no case, key, manual, etc.).

Guy who first showed it to me did the transfer and told me I had done right on the deal (though the used one was gone at the asking price by then).
Yep, Heard of CDNN

I have placed several orders in the past with CDNN (mostly mags and accessories) for my other guns, and have seen the M9's in their catalogs at great price. Problem was then I really knew nothing about Steyrs till I discovered this forum and managed to handle one recently.

I think CDNN is out of them now though. Another problem was finding an FFL to transfer gun purchase from CDNN through.

"These are defective or broken guns. Let me show you some good used guns we have in our store"

I guess gun stores don't like internet sales cuz they hone into their own business. Rather sell what's in their stock for THEIR price.

How do the S models compare in price to the Ms? I thought I did Ok but not a screamin' deal when I got my S9 NIB or LNIB with 3 mags for $350 at a gun show last year. Mine must have been made before lunch because I have had no extraction problems- it has had no failure of any kind with several hundred rounds of 115, 124, and 147 gr ammo. It is my constant companion, except that it doesn't fit in the pocket of my bathrobe (the Mak works for that ).
Just a note that I did a search of the “Firearms Listings” forum over at, and came up with several Steyr M40’s that have recently been up for sale. One guy in Kentucky had his “Like new M40, 3 mags - 2 hi-cap” originally listed for $275, then (after a time) lowered it to $265. Looks like somebody just PM’d him today about it, though - maybe it’s already been sold.

And, a guy in Colorado had an M40 up for sale on glocktalk last month, also for $275.

I love Steyrs, but honestly, in light of these listings, I think $400+ for a used M9/M40 is a bit of a ripoff . . .
The S runs a little higher than the M. $350 for what you got sounds like a good deal.

You know I like being able to hold the pistol in my hand and see it up close and personal before I pay a lot of money. I could have purchased my M-40 back in the day for a lot less, but this was before I knew about CDNN. I paid $420.00 out-the-door for a brand new M-40 with one 10-round magazine, factory pistol box, and civilian lock key. Now, that was over two years ago and at Gandor Mountain (retail sporting goods store).

I love Gun Stores and even though I complain about Gun Show prices I like going to them just to handle the firearms, but if I can save $50.00 or more through mail order than I'll mail order. However, if I'm only paying slightly more for the pistol at the Gun Store than I'll go with the Gun Store so I know exactly what I'm getting.
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