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Steyr M-A1 40S&W

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Hey dudes, new to this forum..I recently looked at the Steyr M-A1 in 40 S&W. I don't have a 40 and I am considering this as my next purchase. I found one at the local gun shop for $499.00+Tax the shop manager said they are awesome pistols. The gun felt great in my hand and this gun seemed well worth the $499 price tag. I am a big Ruger and Sig Sauer fan.... however I am not fond of Glocks...this Steyr seemed like a better overall carry weapon that the Glock...any info is apprecaited :wink: :wink: :wink:
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I bought mine in early May on line+FFL+shipping was $479 total. There are numerous range reports in the forums. Low bore axis, half the trigger pull of a stock Glock, accurate the MA1 is a pleasure to shoot. The only questionable side is the trap sights- most either love'm or hate'm not many in between, stick with them they'll grow on ya.

Good Luck
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