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Steyr lacking US support?

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I was under the impression, from threads I've read both here and other forums that Steyr has much improved customer support as of late, with HQ in Georgia, correct?

A couple posters on THR seem to think otherwise. Are these guys a few years behind the times?

I have not purchased my first Steyr, but want to feel confident I have solid support if needed. :)
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Steyr support is there.
Steyr is investing in the facility. They have moved the gunsmith/armorer to a larger better lit and equipped room in the facility. Getting all the wiring done and his bench set up has slowed him a bit. With a bit of luck he should be back in the game by the end of this week.
Research the thread I had about an issue. I got a response by email from customer support in like 20 minutes. As soon as the armorer was back from vacation he took the time to call me via phone and leave a very detailed message and left it open for me to call him back.
This topic seems to be coming up no less than once a week lately.

this thread is one of the most recent discussing Steyr customer service. Support is exceptional.
there was about a 6 month gap between when steyr ended it's relationship w/ the company that used to do their repairs and when they set up their own shop.

everyone seemed to think the sky was falling and that steyr was pulling out of the US, some people couln't sell their steyrs fast enough; even though the whole time steyr said they would get service up and running.

I sent in my M about a month ago and told them it was out of the warranty period, and that it was something I (or at least my dog) had broken and not a mechanichal failure. They still did not charge for the repair.

Steyr service is only going to imrpove and right now it is already pretty good. Good people, I hope Steyr gives them some pay raises. lol
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