Steyr Hunting Rifle Commercial

Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by Guest, Jul 5, 2005.

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    I was flipping channels on TV the other day, and surprised to see a Steyr bolt action rifle commercial on the Outdoor Channel. Anyone else catch this?
  2. alagator

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    I hope that means Steyr is about to try another push into the market, at least for hunting rifles. The timing is good-- they could go after Beretta's Sako and Tikka niche. After Beretta's poor handling of the stainless barrel kaboom fiasco, the shelves in Alabama are empty of these Euro-guns. At least they won't be playing marketing catch-up with Glock. Unfortunately, our local shops say that once the on-hand supply of Prohunters is sold, the new rifles will reflect the dollar's weak position versus the Euro. I grabbed a new/old Prohunter Mountain last week for $599 plus tax. One of my buddies has the same model, same caliber, and some days he can cover his 100 yard groups with a dime. I wish everybody would buy one-- a big customer base would mean better service.

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    Well, the reality is that when you are at the top...there is only one direction you can go and that is down. I hope that I am wrong, but history has proven otherwise.