Steyr HS .50 on Mythbusters

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Deluxe247, Jul 15, 2005.

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    Did anyone else catch the latest episode of Mythbusters the other night? They were trying to see how far under water you would need to be to avoid a fatal hit from a firearm fired into the water. They fired the HS and the round literally disentigrated about 2 feet into the water. The copper jacket ripped of and the round self destucted. It was fired at something like a 22 degree angle (don't quote me on this). They reported that you only needed to be about 10" under water to avoid a hit from it (at that angle).

    It made an impressive boom and splash! The slower shooting weapons actually had more penetration like the 9mm and the shotgun. Quite interesting.

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    Yeah, I saw that, and was quite impressed with the Steyr Big 50, but not so much with the testing methods. If they would have been firing from slightly farther away (ie, 10 yards maybe) and given the rifle bullets time to slow down and stabalize, the results would have been much different. I think that you may be safe under 10 or 12 inches of water if someone is firing at you from 3 feet away, but if they are more than a couple yards from the water, you're going to be turned into chum. My $0.02 anyways.

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    Great information! Just the other day I was swimming and 4 ninjas with full auto M-16's walked by. I was wondering just how far I would have to dive down before they couldn't shoot me. Luckily my ferocious gaze was enough to send them packing.
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    Mythbusters is a great show. It is educational in a manner but usually very entertaining. They frequently shoot or blow something up in an attempt to prove or debunk myths of all types.

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    I saw that too! That was a cool episode. On another episode they showed how poor of a bullet shield the door of a car is. Hollywood gives them plenty of myths to debunk. While their methods or logic are not always flawless, I still enjoy the show. It is one of the few programs I actually make a point to catch on a regular basis.

    They built a vertical clear lexan tank with a 10ft tall column of water in the shop, and tested a 9mm pistol with 115g round first. It went about 5ft, I think. Then they tried a 12 GA shotgun with a deer slug, and that ruptured the tank after blowing a cone out the back of a sheet of ballistics gel about 5 ft under water. They had to try to find another location, and ended up at an indoor swimming pool.

    I wanted them to show the 9mm pistol at the pool also instead of only showing the rifles. Maybe in California taking handguns into a public pool was not as legal as taking a 50 cal cannon.