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Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by madecov, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. madecov

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    Yesterday I qualified for the new job.

    Had to go through firearms training (500 rounds)

    I was shooting my G-22 and was shooting like defecation. I told the instructor I was going to swap guns for my M40A1 (not on the approved list)

    Well, instant difference, I was hitting the target perfectly and cleaning clocks.

    Then it was time to qualify (after 500 rounds and running and jumping all day). I was exhausted. The qualification was the most intense one I've ever had at any department, and unlike many departments that require a 70% score this one requires an 80%. We even had to shoot from an upside down reversed position.

    Well, the M40A1 was perfect and I qualified handily with a nice margin. The firearm instructor / range master has added the Steyr to the approved list. I also let him and the other range master shoot the gun and after he said to me "I think I'm liking this". He's a very big gun guy and also the armorer for the department issued Ruger P89's :roll: .

    On the other hand, I failed by 6 points with the G-22. The gun just doesn't really fit my hand.

    I really hope they manufacture an "L" series that can be a duty weapon.

    In the mean time as a second duty weapon I sold off a handgun that is "forbidden" by the department and ordered a S&W M&P 9mm full size. (forgive me). I do need a second weapon that I can use on duty and wanted a full size handgun. The M&P is 17+1 and other than the funky weird dis assembly thing feels almost as nice as the Steyr. It isn't as well refined or smooth as the Steyr and the trigger is a bit rougher.

    Oh, yeah. by the end of the day I had not had a single malfunction out of the Steyr even shooting upside down and support hand. I know at the end of the day I was limp wristing the gun and it kept on chugging. There was no additional cleaning or lubricating the gun through the entire day. Conditions were rather primitive at this outside range and dust and grit were also an issue.

    Now I need to get a holster I can use with a Class "B" or "C" uniform.

    Today these sorry old bones are a bit sore.
  2. ThaiBoxer

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    What piece is "forbidden", madecov?

  3. bigtaco

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    that piece is on my list coldflorescence. can't wait to drop a deer with one of those.

    incredibly cool that they added the steyr to the approved list.

    never fired a gun upside down reversed position. can see the value in training to do this. but i wonder if that range master teaches yoga on the side? :D

    the m+p is a really nice gun. no doubt. it's a shame that steyr left you no option. i'm really hoping that steyr is tooling up to go bigtime. and an L series would be a very valuble addition.
  4. Syntax360

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    +1. If Steyr wants to break into the domestic LEO/.gov market, a L45A1 would probably be the best step they could take. And the sooner the better - they should strike while the iron is hot, so to speak.

    So I'm curious, too - what was the "forbidden" pistol?
  5. Gray_Wolf

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    Steyr? :?
  6. madecov

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    Forbidden is

    Single action pistols of any type.


    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    Always entertained the idea one of those in .50 and gold. Superfly.