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Steyr Gear?

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First of all: Thanks to everyone on this page. I did a ton of online research before chosing my CC/HD/IDPA/BP weapon and this forum was a big help. I just got my M9 from CDNN (looks new) and the first 150 rounds through it have been wonderful.

(note to Springfield: your XD came in second, that $200 will buy a lot of ammo to feed to my little beauty. And the used ported version I almost bought would have broken my heart the first time I showed up for an IDPA shoot)

So now that I'm a proud M9 owner and have invested in the firearm and a couple of hundred 9mm rounds - where's the T-shirt, or hat, or range bag patch, etc?

Do any of you guys know someone who sells that sort of Steyr Logo stuff? It's time to let the Glosters know there's room on the range for a different opinion. :lol:

Regards and good shooting.

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Charlottesville VA
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I've noticed that on Steyr-Mannlicher's revised website under their hunting and sportsman section they have some new hunting jackets with Mannlicher enscribed on them. However, I wonder why they don't offer some nice polo shirts or pull-overs with the full "Steyr Mannlicher" name?

I'd love having a black polo shirt with the Steyr Trapezoid Logo on the breast and a black hat with the same. I think it would look professional and be great marketing for the Steyr pistols.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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