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    First of all: Thanks to everyone on this page. I did a ton of online research before chosing my CC/HD/IDPA/BP weapon and this forum was a big help. I just got my M9 from CDNN (looks new) and the first 150 rounds through it have been wonderful.

    (note to Springfield: your XD came in second, that $200 will buy a lot of ammo to feed to my little beauty. And the used ported version I almost bought would have broken my heart the first time I showed up for an IDPA shoot)

    So now that I'm a proud M9 owner and have invested in the firearm and a couple of hundred 9mm rounds - where's the T-shirt, or hat, or range bag patch, etc?

    Do any of you guys know someone who sells that sort of Steyr Logo stuff? It's time to let the Glosters know there's room on the range for a different opinion. :lol:

    Regards and good shooting.

    Rivanna Rifle and Pistol Club
    Charlottesville VA
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    Welcome. I like the way you think!

    FlaChef will be on you quick about the gear, I'd wager... There's been an effort or two in the past with awesome results (hats, coozies, etc.), and, if I'm not mistaken, there's something afoot as we speak... :D :D

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    About a year ago I ordered some Glock mags from CDNN. Enclosed with the order was a Steyr patch.

    Not knowing anything about Steyrs, I tossed the patch in the trash.

    I'm sorry I did that. :(
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    I'm now out of the loop on gear.

    threads of distinction (username Threads on this board) and deluxe247 are communicating about particulars.

    there are some pics in the photo gallery of the old steyrtalk gear from before we moved here, as well as a thread in the group buy forum here. (on a side note i'm the only one w/out any, she's also doing some shirts for my wife and will ship them all together when done).
  5. I've noticed that on Steyr-Mannlicher's revised website under their hunting and sportsman section they have some new hunting jackets with Mannlicher enscribed on them. However, I wonder why they don't offer some nice polo shirts or pull-overs with the full "Steyr Mannlicher" name?

    I'd love having a black polo shirt with the Steyr Trapezoid Logo on the breast and a black hat with the same. I think it would look professional and be great marketing for the Steyr pistols.
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    Hey David!

    A friend who purchased a Steyr hunting rifle got a free Steyr (Steyr Mannlicher) hat with his purchase...but call it personal preference, I don't want to wear anything that says "Mannlicher" on my head. :) (joke)

    On the other hand, the Steyr pistol logo gear would be cool indeed - I remember seeing a bunch of Steyr pistol and Aug patches on Ebay a while back. That might be worth checking out.

    On an unrelated note - I'm also in Charlottesville! I'll be attending my second membership meeting at RRPC this Thursday. If you are around, please stop by and say hi! I'll hope to have my brand new S9 cleaned up for the weekend. I've also got a Steyr USR, so if you see me at a rifle station, you are welcome to come by and put a few rounds through the S9's big sister!

    Best regards,
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    I'll see you Thursday - remember there's a free BBQ and swap meet before the meeting. How would I recognize you?

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    I'm from Sri Lanka, so I'll be one of the few, if only, Indian looking guys there. Please do come by and say hi.

    Since I'm just getting into the club (hopefully) after this next meeting, I'm not sure I'm entitled to swing by the cookout quite yet!