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    Hello boys and girls. I've recently developed an interest in the L/M/C/S9-A1 pistols and have been doing a wee bit of research about them. In the process, it occurred to me that I don't know much about the GB that has been sitting in my safe since circa 1993. Hell, I don't even know when it was made! The ID on this tack driver is P 06xxx && X182 (where &=a proof mark). Can I assume that this unit was manufactured in January 1982?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Is there a three letter “code” anywhere on the slide? If so, search for “Steyr date codes” for the key to decode.

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    No, sorry. There are some proof marks on the barrel, but there are no other codes on either the slide, or the frame.

    I already have the date code chart which is applicable to current production Steyr pistols, but it does not appear to apply to the GB models, hence my question.
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    Did you ever figure out the date? I have a gb and have no idea when it was manufactured. Thanks
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    your GB is manufactured (or proofed) in November 1982.
    The rearly GB had the old-style proof marks. the first digits are in Roman Numbers the month of the poof. Roman XI = 11 in Arabic (English) numbers. 82 = 1982.
    Later on, in 1983 the proof marks changed and the numers are now encoded with 3 letters.
    First letter is the month, next 2 letters are the year.
    For further information, go to wickipedia - proofhouse austria.

    In Europe all firearms and ammunition must go to a proofhouse and most states have there own.
    Also there is an agreement about accepting each proof mark of different staates for those staates who signed up the agreement.

    In case of the GB all serial numbers with a 35.xxxx or to P06.999 (?) had been made / proofed in 1981 / 1982.
    The guns with the 35.xxxx serial numbers had been part of a pre production run, may be some for tests or other issues. One of my 2 35.xxxx GB had the serial number on different sides of slide and grip. The other in the same position as the P-series guns (left side). So my idea is these guns had been later put together for proofing and selling them.
    The early preproduction GBs had a different kind of serialnumber. These included the 60 pistols made for the US XM-9 weapon test (but shipped only 30 to the US). One known SN ist 1283138.
    This pistol is made in december 1983 for the XM-9 batch, but sold in 2018 via Dorotheum Auction House. I do not get the gun, but some pictures. You see, these guns are a little bit different from the regular GBs.
    The GB Sport has serial numbers with And because they look like the XM-9 guns (but adjustable sights and no lanyard loop), my idea is Steyr took the rest of the 60 XM-9 Guns, the 30 pistols not shipped to the US, to create the GB Sport. But the magazines of the regular GB´s and the XM-9/Sport are not interchangeable (different location of the catch hole).
    Robocop195 GB-XM9-USA-B.jpg GB-XM9-USA-A.jpg GB-XM9-USA-B.jpg GB-XM9-USA-A.jpg
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