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    I randomly found and snatched up a Steyr GB a few weeks back. The gun is an earlier commercial variant in overall great shape, the gas system and vents clean, the gas cup snugly fit, and the recoil spring feels appropriately strong. The internet videos I had watched on it seem to conclude broadly that the gun had relatively soft felt recoil, but I noticed mine seemed much sharper than many of my other 9mms. Some slow motion video revealed that the slide velocity on the GB was much higher than the other guns. A closer inspection of the internal parts showed no damage other than a few nicks on the very rim of the gas cup that correspond to the peaks on the barrel nut.

    Finding other folks with GBs for comparison is a bit tricky, but this forum seemed a solid bet. My questions are thus:
    1. How are other folks experience with the recoil? Mine seems quite linear feeling but also a bit abrupt. Is this indicative of something being more wrong than it seems, or is it normal when compared to locked breech guns?
    2. Are the nicks on the gas cup normal wear and tear or indicative of something worse? They are small and not impacting the gas seal part of the cup, but I have nothing to compare it to to know if it is normal.

    If anyone else here has a GB and can check it out to compare to my results, I would be much obliged. Thanks.

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