steyr gb 9mm problem

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    I recently purchased this gun in a new, never been shot condition. It was purchased 30 yrs ago and it has been sitting unused all that time. I stripped, cleaned, and lubricated the gun and took it to the range. I immediately experienced a jamming problem that has not resolved over the last 3 months of shooting, cleaning, and head scratching. Here is the problem: the slide wedges and stops at nearly the end of the forward movement of the slide. The barrel is sticking out about 3/8 inch from end of travel. The breech is still open and the new live round is moving freely in the chamber. I have to use a brass rod to move the slide back a little to clear the jam. I have checked the magazine to assure that it is not causing the problem.

    What do you think the problem may be? Thank you. Scott
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    hopefully someone with gb experience speaks up. but this gun is a rare beast and i haven't seen much discussion about it on this board. your best bet is to call sai and see if they can wrench on it. not sure if they would even have parts.

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    Dayam, Scott :shock:

    Its a lemon, Dude. <shrug> I'll take it off your hands for $100, cash! :twisted: J/K. Call Jeff at SAI and see what ya should do next.

    Tell 'im you're a Steyrclubber. But, my more than generous offer of $100 cash money offer stands forever and a day. :twisted: Good luck. :)

    Wulf <-- wonderin' ifn he oughtta go $101.99 for that busted-as*ed POS GB :roll: