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Steyr Collectors Item M-9 serial No. 100????

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I just saw on one the the auction sites a Steyr m-9 serial number 100 advertised as a colectors item. Is it a collectors item or novelty?
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One mans novelty is another mans collectiable. People like nice clean numbers that end in zeros. Some like them a lot more than others.

It's a collectors item or so the ad says. Wouldn't the trigger upgrade negatively impact the value? :lol:
Is there a link to this firearm auction???????
Is there a link to this firearm auction???????
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Post it here for all to see.

PM received.
LOL, It's a bit high at that opening price.

But I like the serial number
It sounds like a scam to me! I could see if he had serial number 10 or something like that.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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