Steyr CISM Match 300m .308 Rifle

Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by Eddie, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. Eddie

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    I have recently bought a 'new' Steyr CISM 300 Match .308 rifle. I am having difficulty sourcing proper sight mounts compatible with the existing rail. I am using a Nightforce with 30mm tube.

    I do understand that these rifle finished production about 10 years ago

    I believe this rifle is a 'hybrid' between the Steyr 300m Standard Target Rifle and the Mannlicher System SBS

    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. :p
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    I don't believe that the US received any of the rifles you are posting about, so you might have a difficult time gathering any information from the members on the site. I never even heard of the model you are referring to.

  3. Eddie

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    Steyr CISM

    Sorry for the delay in responding but I've been out of town. Thanks for your reply in respect of the CISM.

    I believe it is referred to as the SBS Tactical CISM and some information can be seen through

    Excerpt from remtek

    Last but not least is the SBS Tactical CISM. An adaptation of Steyr's ultra accurate 300-meter Match CISM rifle, the Tactical CISM features a black laminated wood stock, a fitted forearm rail with handstop and an adjustable cheekpiece and buttplate. The receiver has an integrated rail accepting Steyr's proven QD SSG Match scope mount, and the Tactical CISM comes only with the SBS 10-shot magazine

    See also Steyr Scout Page

    The CISM is a hybrid target rifle based upon the SBS Tactical action, suitable for ISU/CIT/CISM and NRA 300 meter target shooting. It has been discontinued for about 10 years but is still used by Austrian SWAT teams and in competition. Made primarily for the Swiss market it was initially available only in 7.5 mm Swiss but it was also made in 7.62 x 51 (.308 Win). It has a 23.6 inch heavy barrel in 7.5 mm Swiss and a 19.7" barrel in .308, an adjustable cheek piece and butt plate, a laminated-wood stock, large bolt knob, and is fitted with a forearm rail with hand stop. It has recently appeared on the used gun market in the US.

    Eamonn :lol:
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    I have Steyr CISM in 7.5x55 Swiss (actual bullet dia. is .307 but I reload using Sierra 168 BTHP 308) that I use as open NRA Match Rifle for High Power competition. I know exactly the sight rail system you mentioned - fairly narrow weaver style with alignment grooves ??? I'm currently using the Steyr aperture sights (Anschultz style) that came with the gun.

    I did find some Anschultz 1" rings to fit the existing narrow rail - I don't know if the current Steyr heavy 20MOA tactical picatinney style rail will bolt to the CISM style rifle but it should as it is built using the standard SBS action that the 308 tactical rail was designed for. CDNN currently has those bases listed in their catalog for $9.99 (Originally listed at $100+)

    Good luck - Hope this helped
  5. Eddie

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    Dear Dan,

    Aplogies for the long delay in responding to your email.

    Thanks very much for the information and Yes it has proven to be very useful. I will let you know the eventual outcome as to what mounts/rings I finally put on the CISM.

    But thanks again the information was much appreciated. :D