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Steyr beats Glock et al at PA State IDPA Match

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Hi Folks,

The box-stock M9 has again triumphed over Glocks, XDs, Berettas, Sigs, etc. in a major IDPA match and this time for the class win.

I just got back from the Pennsylvania State IDPA Match (at the beautiful Ontelaunee Rod and Gun club about 1.5 hours north of Philly) where me and the trusty M9 placed 1st SSP/Expert. Here's a link to the results (they left the "de" off of my last name):

Once again, the Steyr flexes its advantges in box-stock form (OEM tri/trap sights and all other parts) over Glocks, XDs, Sigs and other big-brand guns with trigger jobs, fiber optic sights and other aftermarket enhancements. I just really wish I could get Dawson adjustable fiber optic sights and a lighter disconnector for the Steyr. I have to re-read the rule book to see if the new Deluxe247-designed Grip Plug is legal, because if the slight bevel indeed helps with reloads it will be a definite must-have.

It wasn't all roses again this match. I flubbed a stage pretty badly (Stage 7 - down 10 + FTN = 11 seconds down for just that stage alone) and unfortunately, I also have to report a dreaded FTE that happened on a modified El Presidente stage (Stage 11) that cost me at least 2.5 seconds to clear the spent casing and finish the stage. I was pretty upset about this as I specifically removed the extractor for a detail cleaning before the match. Between these two stages I thought I was out of contention but I managed to keep my head game together for most of the other stages. Even though my time and accuracy were not as good as I had hoped for, the competitors in my class/division had even tougher breaks so we still ended up on top. I hope I don't get bumped up to Master, as I'm not looking forward to being tail-end Charlie in that class just yet. :wink: The Master-level times were just incredible from the first 3-4 guys in each division.

If you Steyr corporate folks are listening: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come out with a 5" competition version (a la Glock 34 and XD Tactical) with 3-3.5 lb trigger, adjustable fiber optic sights and a removable magazine well. These simple competition hop-ups combined with the superior grip ergonomics, low perceived recoil/muzzle rise due to ultra-low bore axis/111-degree grip angle and durable metal subframe with crisp trigger will make a real contender for SSP/ESP Division wins! Price this thing around $650 retail/$550 street and you will have a legion of IDPA/USPSA/IPSC competitors proving the aforementioned design advantages every weekend. Better yet, they will buy Ms (and Ss if you re-introduce it) as carry/duty/home defense guns after the confidence they gain in competition (like me - I've got one each). I've already convinced 3 people I know of to buy the Steyr after shooting matches with them and letting them try a few rounds. I know at least IDPASteyr and myself would LOVE to be beta testers for such a program (HINT HINT) :D

Gotta give plugs to the Comp-Tac crew for their excellent C-T.A.C. adjustable IWB Kydex holster ( and Lancer Custom Ammo for their equally excellent compeition 9mm ammo (

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congrats, master.

As has happened to at least one person i know, if you win your class at a major match (such as state) you AUTOMATICLY get bumped up.

maybe getting a few DFL's will help you strive to improve, instead of sandbagging expert medals 8O :wink: :lol:
Jeff, Congratulations on your performance. Great job and another win for Steyr. Can't wait to shoot against you at a match. That will be very interesting.

Regarding the "IDPA" Steyr you described. I have thought about it alot and I think we can build a prototype. I'll continue to think about it. If there are any precision detail welders and machinists on this site, let me know and we can start working on details.
:lol: Great Job.... Nice info.. I agree on Steyr Corp this is great advice for them......
Congrats...that is great to see a $250 pistol do so well. When did the IDPA match take place? I live 45 minutes west of Philly, so I could have attended that match. Hearing stories like this, makes me more determined to practice more often. I was thinking about trying IDPA next season.
Thanks guys, I've been shooting IDPA since February after a long hiatus from shooting in general and I am really getting into it now. Consistency is what wins and that is what I need to work on the most.

LOL Chef - Sandbagging is shameful but I did get a plaque :lol:

IDPASteyr - it would be really fun to have the all-Steyr meet that was discussed a while back. I would certainly love to shoot with you to - I'm usually the only Steyr at the match. I'm still trying to see if I can make the Nationals, but I don't know if there are any slots left. I hope you can get the Steyr "Comp" project off the ground, I would contribute in any way possible other than technical means, of which I have none :cry:

Aubie515 - you should have come! Ted Murphy is the state match director and he regularly runs IDPA for another PA club in the Philly area, unfortunately I don't have the link at the moment. Ontelaunee is a fantastic facility and according to their website they run monthly matches - check it out:
If you haven't seen my other posts you will find that I am a parrot for shooting IDPA. IMHO - it is some of the most fun you can have with your pistol(s) and will definitely make you a more skillful, confident handgunner. Get out there and do it!

BTW - Ted updated his website with the PA State Match course descriptions:

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