Steyr AUG Piston Pop Eliminator

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  1. Jonathanw

    Jonathanw New Member

    Unsatisfied with how loud and bright the piston pop is on the steyr AUG, I spent the past couple days coming up with a solution. I figured out a design that has potential and I drew it up on CAD. The idea is a drop in gas plug that prevents piston pop. I don’t want to give to much information yet but it has potential to solve this problem. It would have two settings; Suppressed and unsuppressed and would not require a special made Suppressor to work. Hoping the cost would be $100-200 but that’s an estimated guess this early

    I have a couple questions about this project for the community

    1. How many people would be Interested in this type of gas plug for their suppressed and unsupresssed AUGs
    2. What is the best way to contact the ATF to confirm this part does not fall into the suppressor/NFA category?
    3. Any companies interested in this idea as well

    Note: I am trying to contact Ratworx to make sure this idea doesn’t infringe on their Suppressor patent from a few years ago
  2. DekNgo

    DekNgo New Member

    I'd be interested if it's compatible with the MSAR.