Steyr AUG A3's!!!!!!!!!!

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    Not embeded so he gets hits to promote his channel.

    It's from Military Arms Channel.

    Tim says he misses his Pre-Ban AUG.
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    I like that TAR21 cant wait to check one out..

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    I was there. That's the first video I've seen from it where I didn't spot me in the background.
    My raffle ticket was one digit away from winning the AUG that Steyr gave away. The guy who bought the ticket right ahead of me won.

    Everything was a fundraiser for Wounded Warriors. Admission was free, and one could shoot their own guns, but you could pay to shoot more exotic stuff or enter raffles with the proceeds going to Wounded Warriors.

    One of the highlights for me was the Ratworx suppressor. That heat tape wrapping was to hide the system that captures the gas from the gas cylinder vent hole until the patent comes through. It worked really well. No more noise than anything else 5.56 suppressed. I want one.

    I had seen the name, but knew nothing about Desert Tactical Arms until that day. I think the bullpup idea loses something with bolt actions, but those were some really nice looking rifles. Very well done. I was surprised to see in the video that the action looked stiff. They didn't seem to be. May have been camera nerves that made it appear that way.
    They were selling shots on the .50 BMG one as a Wounded Warrior fundraiser, and had a line every time I looked over.

    I had been seeing the interest in the Tavor before going, but it did little for me. I guess it was a case of not knowing enough, because after seeing it, I liked it. Somehow, it looks smaller than it is. It is only a couple of inches shorter than an AUG but it looks almost tiny. I think the importer (Michael Kassnar) said May 2013 availability, but don't quote me or hold me to it. He had been hoping for Sept/Oct this year.

    I liked shooting the Rogue- a bullpup conversion for the M14/M1A. The maker, Juggernaut Tactical, raffled one of those conversions off, too, along with some muzzle brakes and other goodies.

    Of all the odd stuff there, I think I was most captivated by the 9mm AUG. I don't usually get excited about pistol caliber carbines (because if carrying a rifle, it might as well shoot a rifle caliber) but I kept looking at it. It's a different thing when it's in a really compact rifle, I guess. Or maybe it was because it's what I've heard of the longest without seeing.