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STEYR AUG A3 SA scope mount question

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I have a A3 SA AUG and want to mount a decent 1x6 LPVO on it. I have a cheapo Vortex strike eagle and vortex low end mount that I have had forever and stuck it on the rife for the hell of it. It seems to sit too low on the rifle. I am looking to purchase a $500.00 optic but now wonder if I need to get a specific height mount for the AUG. Is there a certain height 30mm mount that I should get?

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You need medium height or high mount. High mount if your lvpo is 1inch, get the high mount. I have medium height mount with bushnell 1-6 30mm on my A1. It is barely high enough.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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