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Steyr Aug A3 Leupold M4 CQ/T Mount Issue

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I purchased a Steyer Aug A3 version some time ago and mounted a Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T. The issue is the charging handle hits the mount adjustment knob that came with the optic. With this optic there is no other type of mount that can be used as it is a proprietary optic and mount. With the A3 version I can at least use the bolt hold open button to lock the bolt back instead of the charging handle. Still frustrates me though.
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Yeah, but I liked the factory one. :(
Yeah, but I liked the factory one. :(
Completely understand
If the optic mount is not changeable it’s your only choice. Give me a bit and I’ll post an option
The Manticore Raptor is close to the factory handle however, it is extended and it is angled. It will alleviate the issue.

Manticore Arms Raptor Charging Handle for Steyr AUG MA-100 Color: Black, Finish: Black with light texture, 27% Off
Yeah, but I like the factory handle. Whish I could find the older Steyr scope.
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