Steyr AUG 6th Gen 9mm kit parts & LBT London Bridge Trading MAS Grey Perfect for AUG

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    *Please PM and include your email address for reply. Sorry, post may not come out right given browser.

    You may have seen this on other forums and social media.

    The following gear items are manufacturer direct to our group, some serving overseas, etc., and are priced not for profit at cost.

    You cover the shipping. A fee free payment is required.

    Color of gear is LBT MAS Grey.


    A word from Vans about the rare LBT MAS Grey color of this H&K related gear:

    "After the Naval Special Warfare developed main camouflages “AOR1” and “AOR2” for desert and tropical environments, MAS (Maritime Assault Suit) Grey was introduced by London Bridge Trading as a color variance that would provide optimum environment blending for Navy SEALs to wear while conducting VBSS (vessel boarding search & seizure) and maritime operations.

    Since shades of grey have a history of minimal identification and work well within most environments due to their lack of visibility/contrast across the color spectrum, Navy SEALs started utilizing MAS Grey for nighttime operations in addition to maritime operations. Developed originally for SEAL Team 6/Devgru, very few MAS Grey items were ever issued to Naval Special Warfare Operators (i.e Navy SEALs).”

    If LBT reinstates the restriction ban on MAS Grey per policy and or to meet Government requirements. Individuals may no longer have access to LBT MAS Grey and be forced to pay high prices in secondary markets, as for AOR1 AOR2.

    To the untrained eye, the color may at first appear to be a deep field green, rather than the grey of the civil war. LBT put much R&D into this special color. The best way to describe LBT MAS Grey is to have you purchase some.

    *If four members from this site each get a Plate Carrier, I will make sure this forum receives honorable mention.

    $600.00 per unit (This is a special limited time price offered by LBT, price was more before. Plus chance at another 10% off thanks to LBT!)
    Color: LBT MAS Grey
    LBT 6094
    MOLLE Plate Carrier w/ Release & UnderWay feature (w/ 3 Foam Sets varying thickness)

    Please include your LBT Plate Carrier size.
    The Plate Carriers are STANDARD CUT ESAPI Only. The size listed is that of your ESAPI Armor Plate. No Armor is included.
    A - Medium (M)
    B - Large (L)
    C - Extra Large (XL)

    Please read more about this type of LBT Plate Carrier basic functions and these video links below,

    Please view the JLK Productions Inc. Produced video link demonstration, of the innovative Sentinel wire Release Cord System. The Plate Carrier in the video is a standard color Releasable Version. The CASS and Armor Accessories are not included.

    The Gentleman demonstrating a standard releasable carrier has also been present at the LBT Booth and Trade Shows demonstrating various LBT gear.

    "This Releasable Vest System gives you the protection and the mobility you need for any situation you may encounter." [JLK Productions Inc. regarding standard model, our version as noted has enhanced features]
    [Unofficially, some of you may wish to also view the other JLK Productions Inc. unrelated videos, presumably filmed on beach locations in VA.]

    Brandon Webb video link below regarding standard model, our version as noted has enhanced features.

    SolSysLLC video link below of LBT Trade Show Demo regarding standard model, our version as noted has enhanced features.

    LBT News video link below

    Our color will be in LBT MAS Grey and not the one shown from 2012 below

    Foreign language milism review below of lesser version without UnderWay function and in Multi Cam. This PC looks to be a size: A

    You can see the quick ditch function. Sorry, I can't seem to find a pro review of ours online and any video and pics I have access to cannot be posted.

    General Features:
    • Modular web attachment points on entire carrier profile provides maximum versatility
    • Front (Standard Cut ESAPI), back, and side plate compatible
    • Quick release tabs on bottom for front and back hard plate adjustment/removal
    • Cummerbund includes side panels for gear stowage and a concealed rear adjustment made of
    replaceable elastic bungee for increased range of motion and comfort
    • Interior side radio pouches with retention
    • Comfortable padded shoulder straps with additional removable wrap around pads
    • Wire, antenna or hydration hose guides
    • Extra heavy duty reinforced drag handle
    • Centered front pouch provides quick access to maps, mags, or critical gear
    • Interior loop attachment points for shoulder or collar soft armor
    • Separate sleeve for soft armor package* and/or CASS (armor and CASS Not included, available separately)
    • Body-facing mesh pocket to hold closed-cell positive displacement floatation foam
    • Comes with three thickness sets of closed cell foam: 3/4”, 1” and 1.25”
    • Comes in medium, large and extra-large
    • Vest cuts away intact allowing for medical access and equipment recovery
    • Carrier releases by way of 10 PSI cable to allow for quick removal in a drowning or
    water hazard scenario
    • Integral cable cut away system, cable never detaches from carrier
    • Multiple adjustment points throughout to ensure proper fit and function
    • MADE IN USA Berry Compliant

    ____ More units need to be ordered
    $83.13 per unit
    Color: LBT MAS Grey
    Modular 70 Oz Hydration Pouch with Linar (Insulated) and bladder

    ____ More units need to be ordered
    $39.04 per unit
    Color: LBT MAS Grey
    Triple Magazine Kangaroo Insert 416/M4/M16

    ____ More units need to be ordered
    $40.44 per unit
    Color: LBT MAS Grey
    Modular Admin Storage Pouch

    24 More units need to be ordered
    $11.79 per unit
    LBT Lion Patch (Famous Signature LBT Logo)
    Color: LBT MAS Grey and/or Gold color Lion

    24 More units need to be ordered
    $10.34 per unit
    HKPRO Call Sign Patch or similar patch
    Color: HKPRO in all capitals On black "HK" in red letters and "PRO" in silver.
    Colored like the website logo.

    24 More units need to be ordered
    $10.34 per unit
    HKPRO Call Sign Patch or similar patch
    Color: MAS Grey. Trim and Color to be determined by LBT, with MAS Grey Gear patches.

    More units need to be ordered
    $32.37 per unit
    Modular Single Mag 416/M4/M16 Speed Draw Pouch w/ Bungee Retention, Shingle, Open Top
    Color: LBT MAS Grey

    25 More units need to be ordered
    $25.00 per unit
    Single HK417 mag pouch speed draw, shock cord retention
    Color: MAS Grey

    38 More units need to be ordered
    9mm Handgun Single Mag Insert
    $10.67 per unit
    UW Single Mag Insert For Your LBT-6094 Series Kangaroo Pocket:
    Color: Black, with trim, refer to photographs.

    5.56mm Single Mag (M4 Type) Insert
    $10.67 per unit
    UW Single Mag Insert For Your LBT-6094 Series Kangaroo Pocket:
    Color: Black, with trim, refer to photographs.

    Other items may also be available.

    Q1: I would like one or more items, what do I need to do?

    1. Post item list in thread, include size where applicable and quantity.
    If you do not have the contact email address, HKPro site PM the following information or email the following information:

    a) Your email address. (You will be contacted by email and possibly a backup PM)

    b) Item list. Include size where applicable and quantity.

    c) Provide your shipping zip code.

    The following items are not part of the non for profit activity, but sale of items will go to fund the group activity.

    Parts from a Steyr AUG 6th Gen 9mm kit: $1275
    Parts are:
    $425 9mm Factory Black Semi Steyr AUG Stock (no butt Plate or sling pin)
    $700 AUG 9mm Semi Auto Bolt Carrier Group, New 6th Gen
    $150 New Steyr AUG 9mm Magazine Adapter

    Plus USA shipping only.

    Sorry no barrel or other parts.

    These Plate Carriers are in LBT RG Green, a close match to the Green AUG stocks.

    $325 LBT-6094C Releasable size: XL ESAPI in LBT RG Green New. No wrap bulk.

    $325 LBT-6094B Releasable size: L ESAPI in LBT RG Green. New. No wrap bulk.

    $770 LBT 6094C Releasable UnderWay size: XL ESAPI in RG Green. New in wrap.

    $489 LBT 6094B Releasable UnderWay size: L ESAPI in RG Green. Used. Some tears.