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Steyr at SHOT SHOW 2014?

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Does Steyr have a presence at SHOT SHOW this year? Anybody have pictures or video to share? Interested if they are trying to really make their presence known again in the US Market.
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I've been trying to research this as well. I haven't seen anything so far.
It would be great to know if they are really trying to make their presence known or not. That would maybe tell us a little about where the brand is headed. They NEED to let the shooting world know they are here!
Steyr is exhibiting this year - Booth 10246? Anyone in Vegas that's been by the booth (fyi, the convention has some nice online tools for anyone there trying to navigate).
Yes there was one there and yes it was awesome :)

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Any new pistol news? Still trying to find an L9-A1 here in AL. You would think they would have more presence so close to Trussville.


Looks like the listing ends in 15 hours (timing is a bitch sometimes), but you would have your pistol in ~5 days or so. Currently no bids.

jeez, just looking at it makes me want to find $600 somewhere...
I may end up ordering one. I just prefer to handle a gun before buying. If I order, it will probably be from Buds. They have treated me well in the past. I have ordered several tanfoglio pistols from them in the past.

While I have to admit the appeal of the L frame had me until I size compared the L and the M together and the only difference it seemed was the L had about 1/2" more barrel. I will stick to my M40 for now :) And Eddy it is ok it was fluke opportunity that I even got to go

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