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Discussion in 'Industry News' started by Guest, Jul 12, 2005.

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    Ok everyone, time to throw some more fuel into the rumor mill. While browsing, I came across a thread where someone claimed that his dealer told him that Steyr and HK will be sharing production facilities in Georgia starting soon. He also claimed that his dealer had recieved pricing information from Steyr on... wait for it... wait for it... a domestically produced Steyr AUG! I know HK has a plant in Georgia that was supposed to produce the XM-8 weapons sytem for the military. However, AFAIK, the XM-8 project has been pushed back indefinatley while the military decides if it wants to adopt a new platform and abandon the M16/M4 platform. Also, HK has just released the HK416, it's version of the M4 platform with reliability and gas system upgrades, further pointing to the fact that the XM-8 may not go prime time any time soon (Also, it appears that HK has the HK418 in the works, a short carbine in 7.62x51...civilian version please!). So, HK has a huge new factory in Georgia with (almost) nothing to produce in it. Steyr is trying to break into the US market but is in need of a plant. This could be the news we've been waiting for!

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    The H&K plant has been a bit of a let-down to the folks here in Columbus, GA. With the loss of the XM-8 contract, there has been a big scale-back and delay to set up operations in Georgia. The local newspaper printed a story last month giving the latest news released in Columbus here. I hope the rumor is true, but only time will tell. The current H&K property in Columbus, GA is a former Cesna plant. There is a copy of the orginal 2003 H&K press release for the GA plant at here.

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    Hey Steyr,

    If your looking for a place to set up camp, there are a couple of facilities of various sizes setting around here in Jonesboro Ar. There are also plenty of good people ready to work and if you need someone to run test on firearms I'm available. :D
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    A Steyr production facility here in the USA would be great (especially if it includes a domestically produced AUG); but I'd settle for a US importer for now so we can have access to M & S parts again.
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    In regards to the AUG, a few months back there were rumors that DSA was trying to buy the rights to produce USA AUGs...I am not sure what happen since that rumor began.
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    For some reasons, I just don't believe HK's arrogant asses would share a factory with Steyr.
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    What he said. I wish it would happen but I just don't see it coming together. I don't think we all want to be negative about this but... Maybe all of us that don't think this will come through will be proven wrong, you never know.

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    Hope so...I would love to have an AUG.

    There's a rumor about SIG 55X being built in US. I love to have one of each :D