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Steyr Advertisement in SGN

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When browsing a copy of Shotgun News at my local grocery store, I was pleased to note that there was a two-page, full color glossy spread from Steyr USA, showing the new M-series pistol, some bolt-action rifles, including the Scout, and some other things. This was the August 1 issue, which is one of the ones with the nicer binding and glossy color pages.

The ad didn't mention a "grand opening" or "open for business" date, but it did have a "for more information contact one of the following distributors" list. Davidsons was on there, and some others that I recognize but whose names escape me now.
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It was mentioned in another post but I will say it again Davidsons has the MA1s in 9mm, .40 and .357 . Price depends on the dealer you go thru but they are about $450 here in AZ.

I always see higher prices on Davidson's...even though they have the lifetime guarantee.

It sounds like Steyr is heading in the right direction with the new advertisement.
Davidsons is not the only distributor to have them.
The Davidsons web site is designed to put consumers and dealers together. It shows the consumer retail pricing and the dealer can get his wholesale.

Sounds like Steyr is going to ramp up US distribution and service fairlt soon
i just hope they get their ducks in a row on parts/repair/distribution before they try to push the (admitedly great) product too much.
I've seen restaurants go down like that.
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