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stainless guide rods

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not sure if Jack Ashe still makes guide rods for steyr. dont see them listed on his site. was a custom deal.

Steve Bedair

just found a website guy claims he will make custom guide rods out of 304 stainless

Special Orders:
I can copy virtually any guide rod but I need the original rod for measurements. (This does not include captive rod/spring assemblies shown here ) The price is $25.00 for stainless
steel guide rods and shipping is free. I can usually have the new rod completed and shipped (along with your original rod) within 24 hrs.
If you are interested in having a stainless guide rod made please contact me at Steve Bedair I am currently out of stock on the Tungsten guide rods. You can contact me for availability. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the stainless guide rod I will replace or refund the full price (less shipping) for 7 days from the time you receive your order.
may be worth looking into
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i don't understand why these guys can't just tap the end with a #4 and red locktite in a captive plate. wouldn't vibrate loose. if you want to take it apart, grab a propane torch.

done. captive. sexy. the rod's in the lathe anyway, probably with a center, which means it already has a hole started.

maybe that's what i'll do. maybe i'll make a sandwich.
right now the lathe is strung up to the I beams while the floor dries. but that sandwich was good and i have no shortage of stainless drops and #4 screws.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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