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  1. Thinking of doing a new AR project and I've been looking at a manufacturer named STAG ARMS that produces AR uppers and lowers. Basically, I could put together a whole M-4 wanna be rifle for about $750.00. However, I have no first hand experience with this manufacturer and was wondering if anyone here has and if so what they could tell me about STAG Arms?



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    Stag receivers were made by L.A.R. (grizzly) who is also one of the shops that makes receivers for the RRA folks. I purchased an LAR receiver that has given me no grief. I'm of the opinion that your barrel is more important than your receiver anyhow.
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    Purchased a Stag Arms early this past summer. Have had no problems, quality is excellent. Looking forward to shooting some carbine matches with it. I can recommend Stag without reservation.
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    What I just ordered. 7 Stag Uppers. 8-O
  6. Nice!

    Yeah, if anyone ever wants to get in on some group buys of the Stag parts has some pretty cool discounts for group buys. I LOVE my Stag lower with the National Match upgrade trigger. Great finish, solid build, and I haven't had a issue even though I've been firing it pretty regular for almost a year now.

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    Sounds like you have something cool in the works.
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    Build it night with CGuns.
    It is what happens when you introduce your friends to guns.
    So, I have a Police Officer pal, a Doctor friend, my Attorney, another buddy who is an ex-Ranger Sniper and two buddy Engineers that all want to build AR-15's after either using one prior or after playing with one of mine. I am building another "Just Because".....makes 7 units total.

    The STAG uppers were fantastic. I did all sorts of looking and the last time I looked for AR-15 parts was 10 years ago or so. The world has really changed. Colt is the least mil-spec rifle these days it seems.
    Stag = CMT = big supplier for U.S. Gov. It had all of the features I wanted and the quality was supposedly superb. Now that I have their stuff here in hand, I can confirm and will wholeheartedly recommend that you buy your upper from them. Their lowers are also excellent, but I cannot have Bambi on an evil rifle.

    West Coast SEAL armorer uses Stag stuff all the time. That should tell you something.