St. Louis shooting.

Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by Steyrboy, Feb 8, 2008.

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    0 heart goes out to the victims and their families. It is a very sad situation.

    Five people shot in close proximity......2 of which were police officers. Either these officers were unarmed or were taken completely by surprise and didn't have time to respond. Knowing nothing of the situation and if I had to bet, I would assume the latter is the case.

    I'm wondering if there is anything we can take from this......... I'm just thinking out loud and wonder what others are thinking......
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    I can tell you what I take from it. I am a city council member in a city of nearly 60,000. We occasionally encounter irate citizens at council meetings (usually irate for good cause, I might add), and some of those irate citizens are occasionally irrational. We frequently do not have police protection, and when we do, it is usually a single LEO.

    I have carried a concealed handgun for 15 years or so, usually in deep cover. I do not give up my right for self protection when I walk into the council chambers. The only difference with being in a public venue without police protection is that I assess the room for lanes of fire and natural defensive areas. Unfortunately, the advantage is with the shooter. First in surprise, and secondly because access points for the room require a lane of fire over several natural defensive locations for the shooter.

    I have several LEO/armorer/training officer friends, and they never fail to demonstrate to me what a rank amateur I am when it comes to active shooter defense (see But the first rule is to stop the shooter. We cannot wait for SWAT to show up, or for the shooter to become suddenly lucid. By that time everybody is liable to be dead.

    My intention in such a scenario is to stop the shooter by any means available.