SSG69 picatinny rail fitting

Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by kiwisteyr, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. kiwisteyr

    kiwisteyr New Member

    Hi, i was wondering if anyone has fitted a picatinny rail from Steyr Arms to an SSG 69. I read that they may need to be hammered on but i have just got one and it slides on easily. My worry is that the 4 grub screws that secure it in place dont actually screw into the top of the receiver. And its quite hard to torque up 2mm grub screws! I'm probably worrying about nothing but I'd be interested if anyone has any comments: cheers for that.
  2. Caaarlo

    Caaarlo New Member

    I have yet to decide between the picatinny rail and the factory QD rings, but AFAIK, the 4 screws keep the rail from having side play in case the fitting is not perfect. Furthermore, I would use some medium strength threadlocker in the 4 screws.