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So I’ve got a scout in 308 made in 2004. Love the rifle and have shot it a LOT…recently I got a teslong bore scope and after scoping the scoping the bore of my scout I think it’s time I plan to rebarrel it. I understand the process, requiring a special tool to unthread the bobbin and am comfortable taking that part on, but my issue is finding a barrel for it. I reached out to steyr, they pointed me to the “distributor” in my country (Canada). My distributor does not seem to be interested in helping me out in getting a new barrel.

I realize this is a long shot but does anyone know a source for scout barrels? Either factory or aftermarket, im not picky. I want to keep my girl alive. I would be willing to commission a custom barrel if needed, but id like it to be as close to stock in profile and fluting as I can get. Hoping to connect with someone who has gone through the process and can share where they got their barrel from.

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