Soon-to-be new Steyr M A1 owner, questions...

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, Dec 25, 2005.

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    Hi all, glad I found you. I'm going to be receiving a NIB M A1/.40 in the next 10 days or so, as part of a trade (long story). I don't know much about them...

    When did the new A1 come out?
    Have the trade magazines reviewed them? (I don't currently subscribe, they just make me want to buy everything that comes out!)
    If so, what was their bottom line?

    I looked at a Steyr years ago, and then the company seemed to disappear so I never really looked back. I'm wondering what the current perception of them is, and if they are regaining any footing in the market. I don't buy guns based on magazine reviews, but I think they can influence popular opinion, which in turn influences resale value.
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    Welcome to the forum. The questions you ask are good ones and have been addressed regularly in this site. I suggest you spend some time going through some of the pistol threads where you will likely find answers to your questions.

    Generally, THe M-A1 series pistols have been out since late 2004 and widely available in this country since mid-year this year. It is a good pistol and has an almost cult-like following. I think you will find you have made a good choice and will enjoy the pistol Cost of membership in this forum is a report on your first range session.

    Congratulations on your purchase.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I had gone through about two pages of thread titles, and read many of them. Now I've gone through four pages... and many of my questions have been answered. To be fair, I should go to an "unbiased" forum for much of the information I'm looking for. :)

    I'll come back and give a range report, although I'm sure it's all been said before. I plan to bring my G32, and around the time the M40 A1 comes in I'll probably also have an XD-45. It'll be an apples to oranges comparison with calibers (.40SW, .357SIG, .45ACP), but will be relevent in terms of grip, sights, and triggers. The winner gets carried.
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    welcome aboard !
    I think IDPASteyr put it very well. The Steyr pistol family does have sort of a cult following. I purchased mine based on some of the threads from a member named 'Madecov' originally. I was not dissapointed.
    Since I joined this group just a couple or so months ago there have been over 250 new members. I am #766. There are new folks every day, so word is getting out!

    Be well,
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    Welcome to the club. You'll probably find the Steyr trigger the best of the three and closest to single action trigger, short and crisp.......give it a good break-in period.......
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    If you've done a search, then you probably know I have an M40 and the M40A1.
    I have owned several Glocks over the years and no longer own one. I love the Steyr trigger and grip. Of all the handguns I have owned over the years, the Steyr has probably the best grip I have felt tied only with the Walther P99 and maybe the Hi-Power.

    Accuracy on my Steyr's is superb. Reliability has been stellar.

    The Steyr is one of the very few polymer pistols that has some character to it.
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    Hmmmm... two references to the "cult"... reminds me of when I owned a P7M8.

    The descriptions that you guys are giving of the trigger sounds like what I prefer. This should be interesting.
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    Welcome to the forums and welcome to the world of Steyr. I just picked up my M40A1 today (01/02/'06) and am still giddy as all hell. Finally, I've joined what I like to call "The Second Amendment Club". So I picked up my M40A1 with a friend and we went directly to the range after picking up some of his guns to take with us. Of course, we needed ammo, but that wasn't a problem. Needless to say, I had a blast... literally and figuratively. I did very well with my new pistol. Although it's been a while since I last shot .40 and I'll have to re-familiarize myself with it, I did fairly well and will only get better the more trigger-time I get. I like the M40A1 a lot and can't wait to hit the range, again.

    The magazine rattles a little bit, but it isn't a problem as I called our good buddy madecov and he assured me it wasn't a problem and to just slap the bottom of the mag with my palm. Worked just fine, too... got rid of the rattling. Other than that, the gun performed brilliantly. Enjoy your new Steyr.
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    Well, I got it... and so far, I can't put it down. Feels great in the hand. Since we are having severe rain and flooding and the outdoor range I belong to is under water, I'm not sure when I'll get to shoot it! I'll be traveling all next week, perhaps when I get back.

    I am very impressed with the grip and the trigger. Per the advice here, I'll take it down and lube it before shooting it. I'll bring a bunch of other guns and post a range report... as soon as it happens.

    I got the gun from Marc at MDW Guns (, and he was great to work with.