Solutions to Tedious Primer Tube Loading and Shell Case Sorting

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    I enjoy hand-loading except for two things: manually loading my primer tubes and manually sorting my shell cases. I recently purchased two products that have made those activities a breeze. I don't have any financial interest in either product.

    1. Primer tube filling. Doing it manually I found extremely tedious and a burden, so I purchased the Frankford Arsenal Vibra-Prime Automatic Primer Tube Filler. With this device, I can load 100 primers into the tube in a matter of seconds. Just do a YouTube search to see how it works. I was able to buy it on sale from MidwayUSA. The prices for this product vary so shop around.

    2. Shell case sorting. Rather than doing it by hand, I bought the "Shell Sorter" from You get three trays with different size openings. You stack the three trays, place them into a 5 gallon bucket, dump your brass into the top tray, shake, and in no time you have your brass sorted by caliber. Again, there are YouTube videos that show you how it works. There are various sources for the product.

    Hope these tips help those who are looking for a faster way to do these two chores.