So, you want a Fobus ??

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by madecov, May 2, 2005.

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    had oe, and thought it felt junky, so I sold it. Glad I did...


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    Well if you're worried about being in a staged scenario sure that would be a problem.

    Personally I prefer the secure fit and fast draw that they allow. and if I ever feel I need to stand there and let somebody break off my holster I wonder exactly what difference it would make if they took it straight out of any holster you care to name.
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    Your avatar pic is awesome!

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    While any holster is not grab proof, some are better than others. I think the Fobus is decent but if you end up rolling on the ground it could break.

    I love paddle holsters but a holster with solidly attached loops like a leather holster might be a better choice.

    The Fobus should work well for concealed carry as it is CONCEALED. but every once is a while check and make sure the rivets have not started to come loose.
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    I think that grab would work w/ any paddle or tek-lok system.
    That's why LE's and profesionals use belt loops and thumbreaks.

    for us civvie type ccws and competitors they are awfully convienent to not have to strip to disarm.
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    where can you get the LE holsters? any that will fit a M40-A1?
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    When you say LE holsters are you referring to open carry styles?

    Currentlt there are no duty style holsters in production for the A1 series.
    Safariland makes the 6280 for the M but the A1 will not fit.

    I had a custom maker produce a holster for my A1 that fits a 2 1/4" duty belt. It's not really nice but it's ok.
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    I would be useing it for open carry while in the woods, hikeing, etc so I wouldn't need a concealed holster. Just something that holds it very securely and makes sure nothing can get at the trigger.
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    I have tried a fobus on a couple of guns. Not bad when they work. I had one for a CZ75 that would not let go of the gun. The ultimate in retention ;)