So? Whats the deal on M40 parts?

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    Well, I think I got on Steyr USA's bad side for asking too many questions about my cracked slide, and now they won't respond to any of my e-mails. They told me that my Steyr is fine to shoot, crack and all, so I left it at that. Anyways, it's gotten to the point that I simply cannot shoot my M40 anymore without replacement parts. I am in desperate need of a new drop safety (which broke a few thousand rounds ago), and now I really need a whole new set of springs. My recoil spring has gotten to the point where it is no longer safe to fire the pistol (i.e. it won't return to battery on the "vertical ride-the-slide" test). So, what's the deal with replacement parts? Who can I contact? As I said, I have repeatedly mailed Alan Cornett at Steyr USA asking about this, and have recieved no response. Anyone? Thanks for your help.

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    contact Tony Roseti, he's listed in the links.

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    Did you try offering your slide as a trade on a new slide from Steyr?

    They've gotta have a few old slides around somewhere. I would think
    someone in the metal working part of the company should be interested in why the slide cracked in the first place.

    Good luck,

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    Instead of emailing, why not call?
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    Yeah, I don't think they are checking the e-mail accounts anymore... BTW when I said that I got on Steyr's bad side, I said it more in jest than anything else, although now it doesn't really read that way... my bad. I was speaking to someone by e-mail about my cracked slide, but he stopped responding to my mails. I guess I will have to give them a call...

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    ... how could they make well in the US market if they wouldnt have good customer support? They have to learn a lot...

    Hope I can give them some lessons how good after sales service could do to their business! :wink: