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So I think i think i know which holster get but......

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...should I get an open top or one with a thumb snap? I noticed that the Fist has the option of getting a remvable thumb snap on the holster and blueline also offers that as an option (non-removable). Does the open top feel as secure as the thumb snap? What are the pros and cons of either one? Thanks!
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Unless it is for OWB or duty purposes, get one without the thumb snap. I'm sure there are those that will disagree (there always are), but a CCW holster needs no type of retention system. It will just slow you down and it is astronomically unlikely that the retention system will ever serve any purpose for you.
Ditto on that too............... 8)
Hiya *bossa :)

Just say NO to thumbsnaps gets my vote for the M and S Series Steyrs.

Wulf <-- his $0.02 worth
If you are going to use it for IDPA, go no thumb strap.
Im going to jump in with a dissenting voice. Get a nice carry holster without. And also get one with. I like to open carry when I'm riding, hunting, on the ranch, etc. Really the only time I really want the retaining strap is when I'm riding though. So if your open carrying and your bouncing everywhere, get a strap. Just depends on what your going to be doing.
Open carry definietly needs a strap to prevent anyone from walking up and grabbing your gun before you can react.
Also if you plan on wrestling people or riding roller coasters while carrying, get a strap.

Otherwise forget it.
I am thinking of a Fist #43 with the optional removable thumb snap. I like the way this holster looks, works, and is put together. I can't carry in my state so I am looking for a holster for backpacking and camping. What about a drop leg tactical? Who makes a good tactical holster for the Steyr M40-A1?
Unless you need to drop it to your leg, try to avoid it. Usually a pistol rides much better on a hip, and the weight is felt much less. You might also want to make sure that you can open carry in your state while backpacking. As for a good holster maker for drop downs, I dont know. Arent most of them the semi-sloppy fit-all ones?

Forgot to add: Even though a holster on a belt will often draw a lot of unwanted attention, a drop-down is almost guaranteed to double that attention.
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