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Just courious to know how many rounds are being put through the steyrs,I have an M9 and soon to be getting an M40 and I wanted to see how there holding up. Glock has series out there with a million rounds through them. Just wanna see how steyr compares for the long haul. So list what you have and how many rounds you put through it so far....
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S40 over 5000... only setbacks were a few FTE`s with crappy ammo.

oh and my guiderod spring broke once and had replaced under warranty.
500 or so through my M40
175 through my M40A1
M9 with about 350-375 without a single problem.

well i think i had a stovepipe once when i fired it w/o the mag in place.
50.000+ through my M40 with cheap ammo "S&B" and "Gecko. the first 300 brass staight to my head......... now it works excellent.
I've got several thousand (at least 5) through my M40 (owned it since early '01) couldn't tell you exactly how many ... all I know is I've probably put a Wall kid through college by now with all the WWB I've bought :p

got about 500 through my S40
seems like the more mags ya have for one gun, the higher the round count.. LOL 5 mags for my s40 i go through a box of 50 like its nuthin.. :)
So,Just_watching-50,000+?? Did you have any problems at all going through that many so far?? And thanks for all the replies so far,I love this site...
950 rds through my M9 with no problems at all. I like this gun a lot.
About 2k thru my M9 and have experienced just about every problem short of kaboom.

M40 since 8/04 6,000 rounds roughly
S9 since 10/04 5,000 rounds aproximately
At about 2,000 so far and no issues, other than the occasional case in the face. Always wear... 8O
2- M9s with about 100,000 each
2- M9s with about 5000 each
1- S9 with about 1000 rounds
So,Just_watching-50,000+?? Did you have any problems at all going through that many so far??
It did a study during university, therefore the relatively high number of rounds over a 1-year period. of course. I combined my ipsc-matches & practice with the study (counting, measurements, reporting.......) why not
by 20000 rds. the recoil guide rod was broken. i replaced it with a steel one from IGB but with the standard spring.
stovepipe bevore i cleaned the gun completley by 25000 rds. that means i din't cleaned the gun before. just the barrel after a run, nothing else.
during a match my barrel was away because i had a blind bullet! (in austria we call it "a blind bullet" - one bullet was still in the barrel an the second one hits the first, so the barrel blow up al little bit). steyr send me a spare (FOC) because of study. since them no problems at all.

i finished the project last month with 50155 rds. and for a good statitic it takes me the next few weeks.
now for "optical"reasons i change the spring guide again.


PS: i forgot now the brass get out in direction 02:00 and the trigger is down to 1,35kg :D
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M9 over 800rnds w/o any problems or brass flying at my head. Various ammo, mainly the cheap Blazer. I bought it about a month & 1/2 ago from CDNN
Got the S9 back in March of this year and put about 6,000 rounds through it so far in competition (IDPA/IPSC/Misc. Action). No problems whatsoever after thorough cleaning out of the box.

Got an M9 in May based on the positive experience of the S9 and now have about 12,000 rounds through it. All box stock and only problem I experienced was unreliable extraction/ejection when using Remington Green Box UMC 115 grain FMJ and a dirty gun (about 600 rounds in-between cleanings). Once cleaned and back to WWB or Lancer Custom Competition Ammo, no problems whatsoever. Keep it clean is my advice...
IDPASteyr-any problems in that many rounds??
Had a bunch of problems but all of them fixable. Nothing I would not consider normal wear and tear based on how hard I use the gun. I keep a pretty thorough parts kit and have sufficient parts to repair anything that goes wrong.

I've had my M40 since April of this year. I have about 1300 rounds through it. I've had a couple of issues, but nothing that wasn't really my fault. The trigger mechanisms like to be well lubed! Also, I've learned that if I'm shooting Blazer, I can go 400 - 500 rounds without malfunction before cleaning. It'll only go 200 tops, with WWB. It HATES UMC.
So, for home defense I just have to keep it clean, lubed and loaded with Federal or PMC JHP, both of which feed and fire reliably...tested to 50 rounds (don't plan on having to fire more than that at one time).
How many rounds?

Good Morning;

Well about 600 rounds a month thru my M9. There are five of us with the same weapon, and are required to re-cert once a month to maintain our Tactical status. The re-cert is the easy part. It involves 150 rounds fired in a tactical setup (different each month) and we must have a score of 235 out of 240, so misfires are the only one allowed. No stove pipes no feed misjams nothing allowed. If the weapon jams, you must restart. Now here is the interesting part. Myself and two others are cleaning our weapons with Eezox and the others are using other products. It does appear that the weapons cleaned with Eezox perform better than those using other oils. In fact I just cleaned my weapon and it was dirty but still re-cert at a 238, was just too lazy to clean the weapon. You know the drill, gear down, lock the locker and beer-30 time.

My feelings about my M9. Well since dirty was invented I have tried some very wonderful firearms i.e., S&W (still my favorite) Glock, Sig and have never been dissapointed. The M9, appears to have one thing going for it, and that is the sights. I can acquire the target a little easier than with the dot sights. As long as it keeps working and shows no sign of rust or fatigue, it will stay in my holster. Working in South Florida near water all the time does play a important part.

Pop 8O
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