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    Can anyone get some data on the dimensions of Glock or similar guide rods?
    The idea is to find another pistol with a match for the M9 for which a Lasermax sight is made and use it in the Steyr.
    If nothing is an exact match, but it is close enough and can me properly modified, then I think I would try to use it.....
    I know 12 Voltman has the dimension of the Steyr, but are there any Glock owners out there with the other half of the equation?
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    I have a Glock 17 at home...I can try to measure the rod when I get home. The problem is that the Glock uses a captured spring, so it mightbe a little tough to get the exact diameter. But I can give it a try!


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    my g23 has a lasermax in it.. no way thats goin in an s40... totally different dynamics.
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    Ripped how do you like the lasermax?? I have been thinking about getting one for my XD now that they are available. I spent $300 on a M6 which I thought was worth every penny so the lasermax might be next on my list.
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    I gotta believe these products are way overpriced.

    I don't know if there is any similar product out there, and the design is 100% cool as hell. I admit, I want one NOW.

    But $300+ for that seems outrageous. Let's be honest - those stupid handheld laser pointers can be bought for $5 or $10. There's not much difference between those and the LaserMax. Yes, I'm sure the thing is beefed-up to take the abuse. But still, it's just a skinny laser pointer with a modified switch.

    Goddamn it, I wish I had a stocked workshop. I would be working on one of these for the Steyrs. I have to believe the parts cost virtually nothing, and the hardest part would be integrating the swtich so there are no permanent firearm modifications necessary to install/use it.
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    Appreciate the prompt responses. I have never had a Glock apart, so I am clueless......
    I see where Navyguy is on the Ruger Forum too.
    I have a P-89 with the Crimson Trace grips. An amazing accessory! I wish they would make a laser sight for the Steyr, but reality bites! There is no way anyone is going to develop a commercial product for such a small number of pistols.....
    I think we are on our own.... but given the resourcefulness and genius available here, there is hope!
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    TJ I have Ct grips on my little J frame Smith. They are one of the best investments I have ever made in one of my guns. It really helps me shoot faster and more accurately. I would love to see a laser that I can put on my S9 for packing purposes.
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    Re: Thanks!

    Ct also makes a guierod laser for glocks.
    I e0mailed them about Steyr pistols and they said "not cuurently, but we'll keep it in mind" read polite brush off
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    I like the CT product, but....

    I waited for a long time for them to produce the P series grips.....
    They have been great with customer service and I can't fault them for not trying to make lasers for everything out there, but I have doubts that they will ever seriously consider the Steyr......
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    honestly , the lasermax , as far as dead aim accuracy.. sucks.. quite simply.. aim center with the red dot and blam 3 inches left and 2 inches low.. use the sights on the g23 dead on.. its a nice scare tactic, but other than being a flashy novelty item for your firearm its def not worth 300.00 NIB.. i bought mine used for 150.00 shoulda spent the money on an M3 light instead.
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    Are the guide rod style lasers adjustable? Assuming the guide rod and the barrel point the same place is a pretty big assumption.

    If they are adjustable, how do they stay sighted in? I have noticed that the factory guide rod in my M9 often rotates a bit when the gun fires.

    I think if I decide to mount a laser on my M9 I'll probably buy one of the cordless universal models and mount it to the rails using the most compact mount I can come up with.