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Smith and Wesson new M&P40 millitary and police 40sw

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It looks like Glock is gettting more and more competition these days. If S&W has truely escaped the Sigma trigger they may have something.

I would really like to see some companies beside Taurus and Glock give Kahr some competition as far as small carry pieces in major calibers
I just want to see sateyr get it's act together
reminds me of a...

looks a lot like a Taurus 24/7....maybe a second generation model....i'm least enough to read ore about it.
I don't really have a need for a full size pistol, but a compact .45 would get my attention.
looks a LOT like the new beretta poly (px4 storm I think it was) married a sygma and then had an affair w/ a M9A and a p99.
MrApathy: Thanks for posting the pics!!

I think it looks pretty sweet. The grip angle looks to be 1911-like but the boreline looks to be fairly low. If the trigger is as good as advertised, I may just have to give in and buy my first S&W.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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