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They do work for some applications...

I've got a Smartcarry for my Rohrbaugh R9 (or any other similarly-sized pistol) and really like it for some things. There is nothing which 'holds' the pistol in place (other than gravity), but since the velcro/elastic 'belt' is attached at the upper lip of the pouch, that seems to work just fine. It may be worth noting that I seldom wear mine as it was designed (right in front of your crotch), but use it as a IWB at other positions for deep concealment. What I do really like it for is when wearing say shorts without a belt, or sweats, or something along those lines when a regular holster arrangement isn't likely to work.

Another use I put mine to is as an impromptu shoulder rig. Just put the velcro ends of the belt together at a slight angle (say 30 degrees) and toss it over your shoulder and around your neck, throw a sweatshirt or jacket on, and you're ready to go.

But that's for a small pistol in deep concealment. I don't have a larger one for my Steyr S9, and that says something.

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