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Discussion in 'Holsters' started by sewerman, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. sewerman

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    questions on this type of holster?

    what secures the weapon in the pouch?

    can this system be used in the SOB style while riding bicycles and motorcycles?

    i live in florida and i'm thinking this might be the ticket for me since i wear shorts and pull overs mostly year round. though i do wear long pants and leather on the motorcycle.

    anybody out there that has used this holster/pouch, thangamabob?
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    I got one back when they were "thunderwear". Way too expensive for what you get (I haven't checked recent pricing) and didn't like the belt material. Try to get one used or at least try out a knock-off to see if you like that style of carry before buying.

    I've been happier with regular appendix carry. If you get a holster with a single attachment point you can adjust it during the day. Depending on what I'm doing and wearing, mine varies between 1 and 4 o'clock.

    Not sure what to say about motorcycle carry. SmartCarry uses the pressure of your belt/jeans to retain so you'll lose that with SOB. Might work for you though.

  3. Guest

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    I have heard mixed reviews on the smart carry. Some love it and some hate it. I personally don't like putting a firearm in my crotch area if I can help it so I have never purchased it.
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    I have a knock off. I don't think SOB would work, and it's uncomfortable enough as it is.
  5. Seven

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    They do work for some applications...

    I've got a Smartcarry for my Rohrbaugh R9 (or any other similarly-sized pistol) and really like it for some things. There is nothing which 'holds' the pistol in place (other than gravity), but since the velcro/elastic 'belt' is attached at the upper lip of the pouch, that seems to work just fine. It may be worth noting that I seldom wear mine as it was designed (right in front of your crotch), but use it as a IWB at other positions for deep concealment. What I do really like it for is when wearing say shorts without a belt, or sweats, or something along those lines when a regular holster arrangement isn't likely to work.

    Another use I put mine to is as an impromptu shoulder rig. Just put the velcro ends of the belt together at a slight angle (say 30 degrees) and toss it over your shoulder and around your neck, throw a sweatshirt or jacket on, and you're ready to go.

    But that's for a small pistol in deep concealment. I don't have a larger one for my Steyr S9, and that says something.