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  1. DoubleTap

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    After seeing a number of other threads about aftermarket grips for the Steyr, i thought i'd make a post to explain the differences between a few of them, try to make things easier for folks who are trying to decide.

    I myself went through 4 different grips on my Steyr M40-A1, and those are the ones i'll explain here - the trusty inner tube, the Hogue pistol grip, and the Hogue tool grip. I'll be stealing pics from other threads on the forum to illustrate, since i don't have old pics of my Steyr anymore.

    The trusty Inner Tube
    This has 2 big advantages - cheap, and easy. One tube will provide enough material for a number of screw ups, or a number of handguns.
    (Photo by Kraigster414)
    The cons - They get a bit slippery when wet, also - some of them do not react well to solvents (sometimes i get lazy and use carburator cleaner for weapons maintenance). As a purely personal preference, i do not like how smooth they are.

    The Hogue Pistol Grip
    Easy to get, many gun stores carry them. Many people like them. Pretty standard, but i didn't keep mine on for long, so i don't know many other good things to say about em.
    (Photo by mugdava)
    Cons - This pistol grip has its own finger grooves, as well as a slight palm swell on the side of the grip, and with the finger grooves already on the M40 - this makes for a HUGE grip. My hand isn't that big. If you do go this route, make SURE to get the Large version, as no amount of stretching would get the Small version on my Steyr (i tried).

    The Hogue Tool Grip
    I honestly can't say enough good things about this grip. No finger grooves, fits the Steyr perfectly, adds a bit of texture and width to the grip, doesn't get slippery when wet. As soon as i got this thing on, it hasn't come off. As an added bonus - it is safe for any solvent/oil/grease/cleaner i've ever found.
    (Photo by Syntax360)
    It is important to note that this thing comes in 2 sizes - Small and Large. The small can work, but is an absolute nightmare to get on. Many posts are around about having to boil it, lube it with hairspray, prying it on with tools - I tried, and wrestled with it for about 10 minutes and it was still only halfway on, then said screw it and got the large size. Went on perfectly with minimal effort, and moves very very little - less than 1/16th of an inch. Putting hairspray under it could fix this completely.
  2. Syntax360

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    This should clear things up a bit for the newcomers looking to get a better grip on their pistols - good post! :clap:

    (and my obvious preference is the Hogue Tool grip - infinitely better than the other two options, IMHO :twisted:)

  3. Netfotoj

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    My vote goes to the Hogue Handall, a perfect fit for my M357-A1 and only a minor PITA to put on the grip. Hasn't moved a hair since I installed it with hairspray on the inside, which also helped slip it on without much problem. YMMV as I also have extra-large-size hands. :mrgreen:
  4. ThaiBoxer

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    The Hogue Tool Grip is really the Syntax Handall.

    Don't Sioux me.
  5. Netfotoj

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    FWIW, here's some links for each of the Hogue Handall grips.

    As outlined above, you can go with either of two Hogue grips, the Hogue Handall for pistols or the Hogue Handall tool grip. Or you can make your own from an inner tube.

    I like the Handall pistol grip, available at most gun stores or online everywhere. Syntax and others love the Handall tool grip in the small size, though some claim it's such a PITA to put on, they prefer the medium size. YMMV.
  6. bigtaco

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    having shot netfotoj's 357, i can say that the regular hogue handall was a complete revelation in gripping.

    i'd consider myself to have pretty big hands though. i like that all that rubber gives you lots of space to get skin on the grip. because my strong hand fingers were grabbing a bigger grip, the heel of my weak hand could make serious contact with the grip.

    i'm going to have to get both and direct compare the handall to the tool grip. i think that this grip alone could clear up a lot of my weak hand shooting issues.
  7. kartoffel

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    I just installed a new small size Hogue Tool grip on my M9A1 in about 5 minutes. It was already hot from sitting in the mailbox all day long. Used a little rubbing alcohol to help it slide and jimmied it a bit with a knitting needle. It fits PERFECTLY and looks just like the photo of Syntax's grip.

    Just wanted to share the good news that yes, the small size tool grip fits fine. It's snug of course, but it wouldn't make sense to have it any other way.
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  8. babj615

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    If it ain't tight, it ain't right!!!!!

  9. Dismay

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    Where can you find the tool grips locally? Sears? Home depot? Mendards? Also curious if anyone has tried a rubber grip and decided they prefer no grip at all. thanks!
  10. Syntax360

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    I seriously doubt you will find any local place that sells the tool grip, unless you are near a Sioux tools distributor that would be willing to order one. It's not worth the trouble looking - just order one from Hogue's website...

    I have had one friend that reverted to the stock grip after trying the tool grip for a few months. He said it made the grip seem to thick for his hands.
  11. heavymetalmachine

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    Me I did.. I tried the tool grip then the inner tube..

    If I had to pick one I like the inner tube the best..

    Just mt $.02