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Slide release question

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Hello Folks,

After alot of research and deliberation over what's currently offered in todays handgun market, I picked up on an M9 a couple of weeks ago as my first pistol puchase in about fifteen years or so.
Initially I was looking at a Glock(s) since I've owned several models in the past. Never really cared for them all that much. Yeah, they do what they're supposed to, but they've always felt kind of "blocky" and unwieldy. And then the plastic sights fall off. Sig, HK, Walther, SA xd, and several others were under consideration. 1911 style pistols were also in the mix(since that's what I've always been most comfortable with).

Well anyway, I came across Steyr, liked the design, saw one at a local shop and decided to buy(even being aware of the known "sevice" issue and without firing one). My gut said I might like this pistol. Also, coming across this site helped influence my decision. Alot of good info here.

So far I've put 350 rounds through with no mechanical problems. This is a fun pistol to shoot. There has been one curious occurance that only happens occassionaly.

When the last round is fired from mag 1 the slide locks back(normal). Upon insertion of mag 2 the slide will ride home into battery without my using the slide release lever. At first I thought I might be "slamming" the mag in a bit too hard. So I ease up on mag insertion but it still occurs. I then think my thumb may be hitting or riding the slide release while I'm changing clips. Even with my thumb away from the release, it still occurs. But only every once and a while!

I don't see this as a major problem since I am well aware of when it happens and it aleviates a step in continuing to fire the weapon. But I could be wrong. I've never experienced this happening with any other semi-auto I've fired.

Has anyone else had this occur and/or can anyone shed some light as to why my M9 would be behaving this way?

Thanks for your time and I look forward to any replies.

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Auburn said:
Maybe this phenom is limited to the M40?
Not in my experience; both my M9 and my S9 will "self release" the slide if I smack a mag in hard enough.
My M9 slide won't release no matter how hard I slam in a new magazine.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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